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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Would Jesus Say NYC Mayor's Plan To Help Poor Pre-K Kids Is Offensive?

Mayor de Blasio with his beautiful family - the loving picture of a new America.
The newly elected New York City mayor, Bill de Blasio, says he’s sticking to his plan to fund universal pre-K educational programs with a tax on city residents making more than $500,000, while the governor gives out a competing message at a separate event, proposing wide-ranging tax breaks for businesses.  When New York mayoral candidate Bill de Blasio first proposed taxing the rich so every child in the city could attend all-day preschool, it was October and he had support from fewer than 10 percent of Democrats in polls.
Ben Bernanke, chairman of the Federal Reserve, endorsed the idea in a July 2012 speech, saying: “Economically speaking, early childhood programs are a good investment, with inflation-adjusted annual rates of return on the funds dedicated to these programs estimated to reach 10 percent or higher. Very few alternative investments can promise that kind of return.”
But not everyone agrees, as many wealthy New Yorkers call de Blasio’s tax plan offensive.  Some New Yorkers have complained that his first agenda is to tax the rich to help poor children.
Doesn't look like Buzzy misses a meal. 
E.E. “Buzzy” Geduld, who runs the hedge fund Cougar Capital LLC in the city and is a trustee of Manhattan’s Dalton School (The Dalton School is an independent, co-educational day school (K-12), where annual tuition tops $40,000), said de Blasio’s plan “is the most absurd thing I’ve ever heard” and “not a smart thing to do.”  [According to the US Census Bureau, the 2011 Median Income of US households was $50,054 per annum. Table H-9 Race of Head of Household by Median and Mean Income, US Census Bureau, retrieved 2013-05-29].  Ironic that the average American could never afford to send even a single child to such a school; yet, those that easily afford it would deny education to the poor.
Convent of the Sacred Heart - Where's the heart moms?
And what of those good Christian schools?  The Convent of the Sacred Heart is a Roman Catholic all-girl school in the Manhattan borough of New York City. Teaching grades from pre-kindergarten through twelve, it is located on Manhattan's Upper East Side at East 91st Street and Fifth Avenue.  Tuition and Payment for the 2011-2012 School Year: Pre-Kindergarten: $19,290; Junior Kindergarten: $25,390; Kindergarten: $36,760; and Grades 1 – 12 : $37,395.  Certainly the parents of the privileged at The Convent of the Sacred Heart support de Blasio’s plan??
Perhaps we should review Luke 6:20-26:
And he lifted up his eyes on his disciples, and said: “Blessed are you who are poor, for yours is the kingdom of God. “Blessed are you who are hungry now, for you shall be satisfied. “Blessed are you who weep now, for you shall laugh. “Blessed are you when people hate you and when they exclude you and revile you and spurn your name as evil, on account of the Son of Man! Rejoice in that day, and leap for joy, for behold, your reward is great in heaven; for so their fathers did to the prophets. “But woe to you who are rich, for you have received your consolation.”
But what of the less fortunate?  De Blasio speaks of a New York as a “Tale of Two Cities,” where almost half of New York residents are poor or struggling.  About 46 percent of four-person New York families had incomes of no more than about $46,000, or roughly 150 percent of the city’s poverty level in 2011, according to an April report from the Center for Economic Opportunity, an agency Mayor Michael Bloomberg created in 2006 to measure and develop programs for the poor. It said 21 percent lived below the poverty line of about $31,000 for a family of four in 2011.
From 2000 to 2010, the median income of the city’s eight wealthiest neighborhoods jumped 55 percent, according to the Fiscal Policy Institute. During the same period, median income fell 3 percent in middle-income areas and 0.2 percent in the poorest neighborhoods, according to U.S. Census data.  So pity the rich.  It must be so hard.  The city's richest 1 percent took home 39 percent of all earnings in 2012, up from 12 percent in 1980, according to the Fiscal Policy Institute, a nonprofit research group in New York.
So de Blasio has called upon some of the city’s wealthiest individuals, to provide about $532 million for universal all-day pre-kindergarten and after-hours middle-school programs.  According to a study conducted by WealthInsight, New York City is home to 70 billionaires, the most in the world; including former Mayor Bloomberg.  New York is also home to 389,000 multi-millionaires, defined as individuals with over $30m each.
De Blasio’s plan would raise the marginal tax rate on incomes above $500,000 to 4.4 percent from almost 3.9 percent. For the 27,300 city taxpayers earning $500,000 to $1 million, the average increase would be $973 a year, according to the Independent Budget Office, a municipal agency.
In New York City I’ve spent more than that on a bottle of wine at dinner.  Perhaps it’s disgusting I can indulge so, but I support this tax 100%.
For those making $1 million to $5 million, the average extra bite would rise to $7,793, the budget office said.  At incomes of $5 million to $10 million, it would climb to $33,518, and for those earning more than $10 million, it would mean paying $182,893 more.
Sounds like a lot?  Let’s compare.  The Gulfstream G650, the favorite of the New York’s wealthy, costs a cool $64.5 million (2013).  But like everything else, you have to maintain that toy.  According to Daniel Kearns, Aircraft Broker, the annual fixed costs of this toy are: Pilots - $231,750.00; Crew Training - $69,380.80; Hangar - $80,000.00; Insurance - $60,000.00; Aircraft Miscellaneous - $28,500.00; for a “modest” total of $444,630.80 per year.  Then you have to add the variable costs (these are hourly) of about $3,263.51 per hour (i.e., fuel, maintenance).  All for a modest cost ranging from $770,981.80 (100 Hours flying) to $3,708,140.80 (1000 Hours flying).
And then a must for any New Yorker of wealth is a summer home in New York’s Hamptons, the resort towns on the Long Island coast; which according to Douglas Elliman Real Estate the average price has reached a neat $2.13 million. (That of course only buys in the slums of Hampton adjacent areas.  The median price for all luxury transactions, the top 10 percent of all sales by price, climbed 17 percent from a year earlier to $7 million, Miller Samuel and Douglas Elliman said.
Then you have to have a car.  The must have for the “socially” conscience elite is the Mercedes-Benz G-Class Wagon.  The 2013 G63 AMG 4dr 4x4 has a base price of $134,300.  Add a few options and you’re just under $200,000. Then you have to park it.  The scarcity of parking has made it a must-have for wealthy apartment buyers, who view a space much as they do a fireplace or a walk-in closet. A spot can cost well over $200,000, or, if rented, more than $2,000 a month for one space. That is just the first car.
And of course one needs nannies for the children.  Luckily, they come relatively cheaply.  Live-in nannies, make an average of $713 a week, which comes to $37,076 a year. Even in posh Park Slope, home of high-priced strollers and children’s clothes that cost more than your average businessman’s suit, earn $16.41 an hour. For those working 50 hours a week, that comes to just $42,666 a year.
Wider Opportunities for Women has calculated how much it takes a family to meet its basic needs without relying on government subsidies, finding that it takes a single parent of a preschooler $41,872 a year to just hit the low mark. Add in another adult and another child and the number jumps up to $59,027.
Remember, about 46 percent of four-person New York families had incomes of no more than about $46,000 and 21 percent lived below the poverty line of about $31,000 for a family of four in 2011.
So exactly what is offensive?
Since the 1970s, the gap between the rich and the poor has never been more severe. Wealth disparity is at its highest level in a century. This ever increasing divide of the haves and have-nothings is cause for concern in that America was built upon a healthy middle class.  More disturbing is that I see a growth of a more shameful divide.  More and more privileged people I know are lacking ability to see oneself in a less advantaged person’s shoes. Reducing the economic gap may be nearly impossible; but I think there is still hope for addressing the divide in empathy.

So how does society address this lack of appreciation and understanding for those less fortunate?  Many people look to their religion and church for guidance.  For example, in Christianity one only need look to the Scriptures for guidance. 
The Scriptures say that governmental authority is to protect the poor in particular. The biblical prophets are consistent and adamant in their condemnation of injustice to the poor, and frequently follow their statements by requiring the king (the government) to act justly. That prophetic expectation did not apply only to the kings of Israel but was also extended to the kings of neighboring lands and peoples.  Psalm 72 begins with a prayer for kings or political leaders: "Give the king your justice, O God, and your righteousness to a king's son. May he judge your people with righteousness, and your poor with justice? May the mountains yield prosperity for the people, and the hills, in righteousness. May he defend the cause of the poor of the people, give deliverance to the needy, and crush the oppressor."

Big Surprise - A Pope in his G-Wagon
So Christians should be wholly supportive of this plan.  Right???  But based upon the comments of so may privileged New Yorkers, it doesn't appear that Church or Temple is working. 

The government should be there to support the poor.  And woe to the rich who say this is “offensive.”  Luke 18:25 : “I'd say it's easier to thread a camel through a needle's eye than get a rich person into God's kingdom."
What would Jesus say if he walked in our society today?
I’m an atheist, but my guess is the Jesus written about in the bible would tell these hypocrites they will be burning in hell for eternity based on that vengeful father of Jesus that some call God.  And even though I don't believe in a deity, I do believe in helping the less fortunate.  The best of societies are the ones where those who have the most reach out and help those that are struggling and in need. 


  1. The rich should pay more. Other people, are struggling and suffering. People, living on the street. Not being able, to afford a decent meal. These people have millions of dollars, living like royalty. They should, have to pay more. The wealthy New Yorkers bitching about this small tax are nothing but heartless greedy people. It is a class warfare on the POOR.

    I agree with this blog that if Jesus were walking today, He'd said this group of spooled , heartless people with a one way ticket to hell.

    Jake, Silver Lake Los Angeles

  2. This is crazy. People make stupid choices. All these single moms. Being a single mother is difficult even with money. And having children by multiple dads, why? Why am I responsible for this?


  3. Wow David you certainly understand and empathetic to the plight of single moms. Did you consider that for many, the husband dies, leave them for another women and on and on. And you are responsible because as a society we have to make sure children (who had no say in this) are afforded every opportunity. That is what this nation a great nation.

    Charles from NYC

  4. Richard
    Portland, OR

    Your article hits the nail on the head, One thing that the Bible is very clear about is that Jesus had no filter when it came to the poor and sick. He looked at them directly. He talked to them with compassion. He fed them whatever he had. He touched them with his hand, including lepers – this at a time when disease was considered a punishment from God.
    Any Republican who wants to deny the poor access to healthcare, or children nutrition, and calls themselves a Christian, had better be ready to open their pocketbooks and their homes to the same, or risk being properly called an insufferable hypocrite.

  5. Dr. Doris

    You are correct as to your statements about the need for society to help the less privileged. One of the oldest rules of civilization is that if the rich and powerful don't embrace responsibility for how they affect the whole of their country, you don't have a civilization. The ancient Greek's belief in the responsibility of the rich and powerful toward the whole of the state is expressed in the Anacyclosis - the cycle of history in which good government is defined as government for the good of all and bad government that which serves the few at the expense of the many.

  6. Mark/LA

    It is a sad commentary upon Americans of today. People who measure themselves primarily by their material success tend to acquire self-aggrandizing notions about their superior virtues, discipline, and qualities - and the belief that most others, even their most devoted friend - have come up short.

  7. Charlotte Scot
    Old Lyme, CT

    Unfortunately, many people of privilege don't realize or accept the premise they are privileged. They view their lifestyle as the norm and anyone who isn't a part of it is a lazy underachiever. As corporations cut tens of thousands of jobs, and renege on pensions, the executives making those decisions refuse to take any responsibility for unemployment or for people needing government assistance. This is reflected by the people they buy Congressional seats for regarding issues like health care. The statistics show the number one reason for bankruptcy in the US is medical costs. They cannot relate. They live in an insular world where cars don't break down, faulty plumbing is fixed within hours, refrigerators are full, lawns are pristine, and accountants do their taxes. I believe they truly think the rest of us are lazy underachievers who want a free ride.
    They need to get real. Study history and stop telling us to "eat cake."

  8. The goal in our country of getting rich seems to be to demonstrate how much one can lock oneself away from other people: a huge house on large grounds, a private aircraft, private schools for kids, going to "exclusive" resorts on vacation.


  9. Jessica

    We've built a socio-economic system that rewards sociopathic behavior, and somehow, sociopaths rise to the top.


  10. C. Christensen
    Los Angeles

    The widening income gap and growing social inequality due to economic factors is the greatest issue this country faces. Government, especially the GOP, seems deliberately blind to this extremely serious problem. Until lower and middle class force this issue and force our government to seriously address this nothing will change. The wealthy, especially the super wealthy, will never do anything other than peripheral charity and certainly have zero interest in leveling the playing field. Unless there is a major economic upheaval the affects the wealthy, which frankly is highly unlikely, the situation will not change. Unless government takes direct action, which is also highly unlikely given the abundance of millionaires in government, this will not change!

  11. Re-establishing progressive taxation and inheritance taxes, as existed for decades, could also bring relief from this economic indentured servitude imposed by the multi-millionaire elites in Congress.

  12. Westerner

    It is no coincidence that publicly funded private schools are spreading throughout America. Public schools are the incubators of egalitarianism, and so the conservatives in many states are doing everything they can to starve the public schools--not only of money but of affluent students--demonizing them in order to turn ever more students away and towards their conservative philosophies. We have forgotten this particular contribution of public education in America.

  13. Eric Wisconsin

    Grow up all you bleeding heart crybabies.

    This is a perfect example of where the social sciences are often a waste of time. People like this think spending more and more money on programs that create dependence on government is compassion. They think that programs that destroy incentive to work is a good thing. They think that programs that are an incentive to destroy personal responsibility are a good thing. They must love that they are sending this country into an economic death spiral in the name of compassion.

    1. Eric, compassion is absolutely necessary within reason. Kids need to be raised and given a chance no matter what bad choices their parents may have made. That's what this article is about. The amount of money raised is a grain of sand compared to the beach of wealth amassed by those being taxed. And the return on investing that money only helps the economy. Educated kids who grow up and have skills to hold and excel at a job in society end up being able to support themselves and their families. They make their own money and SPEND it. This betters the economy, creates jobs -and if people aren't spending money, the rich don't make any either.

  14. Sister Rose

    The bible tells us that when you worship power and money you no longer see those who do not have it. This is not some religious tirade about condemning anyone to Hell and damnation, but rather an observation that this was and is a condition that was recognized centuries ago.

  15. Since the days of Ronald Reagan Middle Class wages have dropped a full 6% while the upper crust's compensation has gone up 400%.
    Upward mobility in the US is now largely a thing of the past due in large part with sociopathic opinions of moral defectives in the top 1%.


  16. Jon America
    If it were not for rich people, none of you would be writing on your computers, using cell phones, riding in cars, eating great food, wearing nice clothes or enjoying the greatest lifestyle in the history of humanity. Dividing us along income lines is the antithesis of what American should be about. We are different in terms of our abilities, our industriousness, our looks, our luck. If you want equality and equality of outcomes, tell me where that has worked without totalitarianism. Marxist/leftist politics MUST divide us along income, race, gender, sexual orientation etc. in order for it to gain it's power over us. Don't fall for it.

  17. Sunny in Denver

    This is pure garbage, perhaps a projection of the privileged author's feelings themselves. The so-called "rich" in this country have created and supported trillions in charities, multi trillions in jobs, goods, and services, and even more in taxes. This continued class warfare tripe is an insult to everyone, rich, middle, and poor alike. How dare you paint the broad brush of indifference, superiority, and a lack of caring? You, sir, are not an astute observer of reality. You are blind and insensitive yourself. Check the mirror, and review the facts before you make such inflammatory statements.

  18. For some reason, Americans idolize the wealthy. We put someone down by asking, "If your so smart, why aren't you rich?" The implication is that all wealthy people are smarter than the rest of us. It is something ignorant people have said time and time again about Mayor Bloomberg, for instance, even when he has said and done some stunningly stupid things.

  19. The rich are complete out of touch.

    “It shows lack of sensitivity to the city’s biggest revenue providers and job creators,” said Kathryn Wylde, president of the Partnership for New York City, a network of 200 chief executive officers, including co-Chairman Laurence Fink of BlackRock Inc. (BLK), the world’s biggest money manager.

    Lack of sensitivity to the mega-rich. Give me a fucking break.

  20. If hard work made people successful, the US would be run by Mexicans with lawnmowers and lead blowers.

  21. FU Boy
    I'm so sick of the wealthy claiming to be job creators. Paying pennies to a nanny and your butler isn't creating jobs. And since 70% of the jobs created post 2008 are minimum wage retail bullshit, it's not like they're doing us any favors with the jobs that are created.
    Kathryn Wylde should work at Mc Donalds for a month and see how she feels then.

    1. Totally agree. If we could raise the minimum wage to 25 per hour,
      the spending that would ensue would create a TON of Jobs. Businesses everywhere would have more customers, and even the rich would benefit. Consumers are the job creators. Kids with a good education become tomorrows consumers/job creators.

  22. It's laughable that "job creators" are going to all of a sudden lose their interest in starting businesses or investing because of a marginal tax increase. They still have to put their money somewhere. The whole "job creators" is the biggest fairy tale of all time.

  23. So basically, for every $100,000 you make over $500,000 you pay an additional $500. Wow what a horrendous tax. Certainly I will be moving to Arkansas to avoid that $500.

  24. There is no end. In the minds of these people, there is no tax rate that is too high. They'll raise it as high as they think they can get away with. If it means 1% here and 2% there, they'll do it in baby steps until someone stops them. Look at France, they think nothing of taxing the rich at 75% (100% in some cases) and they're on track to become the next European economic disaster.

  25. As Buffett said it is the best investment. Its well documented the importance of pre school programs not just for the individual, but for the community. Earlier education leads to better developed children who are more likely to pursue better choices in life. Additionally it makes it easier on struggling families to hold jobs so they don't need to go to the trough.


  26. Wilhelm Tell

    I'd like for this blow hard to stop with the bullshit. Sure lets tax the "rich" but I could care less about giving welfare babies yet another entitlement.

  27. The people need pre-school because two parents have to work in New York, and finding quality care is extremely difficult. Before moving back to England I worked as a nanny to a very wealthy couple in Manhattan with two children.
    I was single at the time and had to live 1 hour outside of Manhattan because it was the only place I could find an apartment which I could afford on 800 US dollars a week. Things sure seem turned upside down if wealthy New Yorkers are complaining about such a small tax hike. The wife of the family I worked for spent that amount of money on facials and hair stylists in 2 weeks. Marie Antoinette's ghost seems to be living inside these greedy New Yorker's hearts. Nancy. UK

  28. So people who make between 500k and 1m annually will have to pay an extra $973 a year to provide early childhood education to 170,000 low-income New Yorkers. I'm honestly curious how anyone could be opposed to that. I'm certain the few New Yorkers I know who make that much money would be happy to contribute an extra grand without blinking.
    I'm glad I don't know those opposed to such a decent cause.

  29. The better solution is to prevent losers (low income) from having kids they can't afford. Tie the tubes of the poor woman so their kids will stop being a drain on our society. Edward Lautner

  30. Tax the New York hypocrite billionaires into oblivion and then into death camps! The 'ho Anna Wintour was hosting Obama fundraisers while pimping $ 50,000.00 couture dresses to billionaires. Throw her out of he townhome and convert it to public housing! So was the bimbo SaraJessicaParker, who had a 40 million dollar NY property she never moved into. That is why Bloomberg moved his fortune to UK banks in Bermuda. Keep it away from his own kind.
    I must say I'm glad to no longer be living in NYC which I always thought of as one of the most progressive cities.

    There seems to have been a shift to the right, white and wealthy who hire illegal mexican workers as slaves.
    A very ugly new face of the rich New Yorker has emerged.

    If only they could imagine the adorable child pictured in this article, as their own.

  31. Proud New Jersey resident- Sam Murphy

    The same people that voted in Obama made the same error with De Blasio. When will they ever learn? Nobody knew how inept Obama would be as president. Like football's Tebow, the reality is far less than the heralding press releases. Tebow is a raging closeted gay twink and Obama is nothing but a Muslim pretending to be a Christian.

    The USA has gone to the gutter. Gay marriages and a socialist president and now NYC mayor who wants punish the
    wealthy to provide for the losers of society. I'm so tired of the whining liberals who want to create equality for all. I have a news flash for you, it will never happen. Life isn't fair and it is about time everyone just accepts reality.

    I am a christian and I go to church every Sunday. I donate money to my church as well as the catholic school I send my two boys to. That is how it should work. Put your money into your own children, not be forced to pay for the low life little rats of the poor. This blog is leftist propaganda. Life is not an Oliver Twist movie. " May I have some more please." No you ungrateful little piece of trash, you should be happy you got one serving.

    1. Wow. So I guess your church and school should just "accept reality" and do without your contributions to them right? Or are you saying that helping others is only good when it directly benefits you?
      Calling kids ungrateful? Pieces of trash?
      Shrugging of the rest of the people who may need help as "low life little Rats"?
      You're a Christian? Go read about what Christ actually said about the poor. No, wait. Just read the bible over and note down what Christ did.
      Because the way you think and act, isn't Christian at all. Jesus wouldn't share your viewpoint.
      Jesus didn't care if anyone was gay or not. He loved everyone.
      If you want to get into heaven, you may want to rethink your strategy.

  32. i believe it makes sense. If one is making more than half a million your taxes should be raised. Just look at the bigger picture. If you can afford it why not? I don't know much about the school systems in NY, but kids are our future and if we don't invest in them, who will?

  33. Charlie Hook
    Well I say the liberals love taxes. Raise the tax rate to 75% in New York and give it to the people who are too lazy. That way they do not have to worry about getting up early for work and they can go clubbing all night. All in the name of fairness.

  34. Dear Charlie,

    You sound about as intelligent as the other bigots who rationalize their lack of empathy with dolt comments.

    Yeah, as if the poor families this tax will help could afford NYC Night Club cover charges.

    They can't even afford to live in Manhattan working two jobs. You say they are lazy because they want to sleep late and go to Night Clubs? You are out of your fucking mind.

  35. FRANK
    Public education is a government run monopoly. The politicians decide what goes in the text books. The government does not allow private enterprise to compete on a level playing field. You are supporting a one system fits all totalitarian monopoly! Hail to the Furor for knowing everything that anybody could ever want and may you and your followers keep mankind's mind in chains for decades to come. And may your great socialist society take us all down and into poverty so that there are no rich history has shown 100% of the time!

  36. Let me clue you in FRANK:

    I had the benefits of an education that included both public and private components. The rigor of the instruction was generally greater in the private schools, but the content of the material being taught was not significantly different. Actually, the most "socialistic" thinking that I was exposed to was at a fairly prestigious private university, and largely because of that ideological bias, I transferred out of it to a mainstream public university.

    One concept that all of the schools that I attended consistently recognized was that under the constitutional democratic republican form of government in the United States, the politicians are elected by the people. Therefore, the public educational system generally reflects the consensus of the people as to what should be taught.

    Furthermore, public and private schools alike taught the concept that you ignorantly label as "socialism," -- that families and societies enjoy mutual success when people recognize obligations to their families and to society that go beyond merely abstaining from robbing or murdering one another. Bearing and raising children responsibly, and paying taxes at rates that are determined through a representative political process, are two of those social obligations common to all successful societies. Marshal

  37. FRANK
    Do me a favor Marshal. Leave this country. You write like a homo.

  38. Shame on the catholic Governor Cuomo and his Clinton backers (who will do anything to keep him out of the 2016 Presidential race). When will Democrats become Democrats again? I don't understand how any of these people like Cuomo and others who call themselves Christians could be against this tax to help poor kids. Just like I can't understand how any so called Christian could be against OBAMA-CARE.

  39. The new major is just another fag loving socialist. Obama/death care and now Robin Hood as a mayor. Socialists need to go.

  40. You scream socialist like it is an evil word. You are clearly uneducated. Perhaps pre school could have helped you to learn more. Just a little info so you don't sound like the idiot that you are. You are writing a comment on the internet. The internet is a socialist creation! Internet that was created by the government and generates trillions of dollars in wealth. The roads are socialist. The military is socialist. Your cell phone wouldn't work without socialism: airwaves are publicly owned. The lost goes on and on. DUH!

    I'm proud of our new mayor. Dan in NYC

  41. Monica DC
    Using other people's money to fulfill his dreams has a name. It's called institutionalized theft!

  42. Oh Monica. You think that is a clever comment you just left. In reality it is stupid.

    Did you scream that from the highest mountaintop when $700 billion is given the military each year, plus more, to go overseas? Did you say the same things as our leaders lied our way into wars that cost thousands of lives and 10's of billions of $$'s? Hope so. At least you'd be consistent, or is it only institutionalized theft when you don't like what it's being spent on? Are you fine with wasted money bombing the wrong country and killing 10's of thousands of innocent
    civilians in Iraq. No one talks about those lives lost. But the 3,000 lives of American's " killed by radical Muslims terrorists." How is bombing the wrong country and killing so many more lives not also terrorism?


  43. Wow, i am impressed by writers knowledge and research on this piece. thanks for bringing it to light!

  44. If you don't want your tax dollars to help the poor then stop saying that you want a country based on Christian Values, because you don't. -- Former President Jimmy Carter

  45. That last line is so powerful. We really do need to reach out to those in need, that should be our operative.


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