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Monday, November 15, 2010

Republicans Stand Toe To Toe With Neo-Nazis

We are all safe from the boogey-man.  Yes Neo-Nazis Rally For Arizona Immigration Law.

Members of the National Socialist Movement held a march in favor of Arizona's SB-1070 immigration law in Phoenix over the weekend.  This is the same law that the Tea Baggers and GOP support in order to "take back the Country."

As ThinkProgress points out, the alliance between white-supremacy groups and Arizona's anti-illegal immigration legislation appears to be more than a matter of personal associations.

According to an immigration report from earlier this year, numerous groups linked to white nationalist causes have provided monetary support to Arizona's SB-1070, both in its early stages as well as to its legal defense fund.

In an earlier blog I wrote how Arizona Republicans Seek To Tear Down Statue of Liberty.
Wouldn't it be nice if Arizona and Texas COULD be their own country? Let's build a fence to keep these separatist locked inside to themselves. It can be one big white trash BBQ of white, God delusioned, gun carrying bigots---eating corn dogs.

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