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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What Did The Vatican Know?

The Vatican has long said that it was unaware of the multitude of child-abuse scandals which have now been reported against the Church.

Now, according to a 1997 letter, the Vatican warned Catholic bishops in Ireland NOT to report suspected cases of child abuse to police.

That is tantamount to condoning and allowing child-abuse.

The letter was "obtained by Irish broadcasters RTE and provided to The Associated Press." We're sure the Vatican is overjoyed to hear that AP is in possession of such a document.

Pope John Paul II's Ireland diplomat Archbishop Luciano Storero signed the letter himself, and warned Irish bishops that their policy of "making the reporting of suspected crimes mandatory 'gives rise to serious reservations of both a moral and canonical nature.' "

This was all under Pope John Paul II - who is now supposed to be on his way to Sainthood.  Sounds like a Saint to you?

Here's what director of the Irish chapter of Amnesty International Colm O'Gorman had to say about the letter:

"The letter is of huge international significance, because it shows that the Vatican's intention is to prevent reporting of abuse to criminal authorities. And if that instruction applied here, it applied everywhere."
Thus far, the Vatican has declined to comment.  Of course no comment.


  1. A great big HOLY HOAX. Hookers have been brought into the vatican since its inception. But the worst is an adult using its "holy" power to control and molest a child. The monstrous priests and Popes that lied and or committed crimes should be hanged in a public square. Fools are those who buy religion as real and literal. See it for what it is. One of the oldest CULTS of the human race. -Bethany

  2. " Sainthood" What an insane notion. Delusional fairy land.

  3. It is shocking that the POPE who millions look to as a direct link to "god" would be involved in such a hanis crime of helping to cover up and ignore priests who molested boys.

  4. The Vatican is a walled fortress protected by security and guards. It is a building filled with secrets and lies. I'm sure the Popes also have had sexual desires. You're naive if you believe they have not also had brought in to the Vatican that which they too desire under a secret code of hidden improprieties.


  5. Why is this not a bigger story in the news? Why do so many people ignore this? It is like when people did not want to believe in the holocaust. Bob

  6. This is also about the present pope who was in charge of dealing with sex abuse reports during Pope John Paul's last years.