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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Rich vs. Poor - Need I Say More - It is Clear As Black and White


  1. So true and so sad! Will the world ever change?

  2. And they say money doesn't buy happiness. Well, I'm sure the guy with the money and 40 months is much happier than the broke guy who gets 15 years. What a fucked up judicial system. How do lawyers and judges rest
    at night knowing this is the norm.

    Katy- Houston Texas

  3. Racism seems more prevalent than ever. How can the average citizen help
    to create change in situations like this? Seeing these sort of things makes me want to move to Europe. Doug


  5. You would think with the first black president this type of injustice would be changing. It seems President Omama is just a slave to money too.


  6. The judge that sentence the man who was honest about his mistake for 15 years has no wisdom. This judge is a monster. What is the judges name?

  7. Fuck this world. No wonder black poor kids turn to drugs and gangs. I would too. I'm 17 years old and see racism and homophobia in my high-school daily. I think hate lives in so many people. The question is, WHY??

    Hopeless in New Jersey

  8. This sort of reality is as old as Joan Collins first face lift. Yup, reality sucks.
    This is why so many of our youth have a "why bother" attitude.

    At least OWS street shows a group of Americans not willing to sit around and take the current system as it anymore. Things are pretty similar in the UK where i am from.

  9. When I'm reading your post I felt sad and pity for Mr brown yet he still did robbery for just a $100. Hope this incident will not happen again.

    Charles A