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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Las Vegas Police Officer fired 7 Shots with AR-15 in Fatal Standoff with Unarmed Gulf War Vet

Shoot first, ask questions later.  Another sad step backwards in the United Police States of America.

By Associated Press, Published: December 16 | Updated: Saturday, December 17, 3:12 AM

LAS VEGAS — Las Vegas police had a plan to end an hour-long standoff with an unarmed Gulf War veteran: One officer would fire a non-lethal beanbag shell at the window of the man’s Cadillac, and another officer would follow-up with pepper spray to force the man from the car.

But that plan went awry when another officer fired a military-style assault rifle into the car, killing 43-year-old Stanley Lavon Gibson, police said Friday.

“Almost immediately after the beanbag round penetrated the rear passenger window, a second officer discharged seven rounds from an AR-15 rifle, striking and killing Gibson,” police said.
The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People in Las Vegas and the American Civil Liberties Union of Nevada noted that Gibson was the 12th person slain by police this year. Justice Department officials in Washington, D.C., said they were reviewing calls for an investigation of police department policies and practices.

Gibson’s friends and family say he was a troubled veteran suffering from cancer that he blamed on his Gulf War service, post-traumatic stress and anxiety. Witnesses said police stopped him while he was driving his Cadillac slowly through an unfamiliar apartment complex with his emergency flashers activated like he was lost.

The war has started and the military/police machine controlled by the political elite are winning.

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  1. Freaking scary. What is happening to our world? People are trying to stand up for what is right and they are being shot. It is all connected to the same thing. The Ruling class is being challenged.