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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Charlatan in Chief!

Mitt Romney lied to the American public in the Presidential Debate last night.
There is no other characterization for what he did.  He didn't simply make
promises he would have difficulty keeping if elected, he said things that are
blatantly untrue (for example his statement that persons with pre-existing
conditions would be covered, which even his team admitted was wrong.  Following the debate, top Romney adviser Eric Fehrnstrom contradicted that claim when pressed on the issue by Talking Points Memo reporter Evan-McMorris-Santoro.).

You could say that Romney has chutzpah or big balls, but that is too kind. Mitt
lied during a Presidential Debate.  That he would so cravenly say or do anything
just to be elected is the lowest form of pandering.  Mitt has become the
foremost snake oil salesman in history.

Going after Obama’s green energy program has been a constant theme of Romney’s campaign, never missing an opportunity to cite the case of Solyndra, the California-based solar technology company that filed for bankruptcy despite a loan guarantee of more than a half-billion dollars from the Obama administration. But the roots of that loan actually originated in the Bush administration. And, as governor of Massachusetts, Romney also granted loans to companies in emerging technology fields that, like Solyndra, went on to fail.

As to his tax policy, Mitt keeps etch-a-sketching it to appeal to whatever
audience he wants. However what he said during the debate doesn't even closely
resemble what he has said for the last year and a half.  Exaggeration, not even
close. A pure lie.

That President Obama was somewhat taken aback would be expected. He and we all
watched as Mitt showed that his blind ambition is the only thing that matters
and that no one should or can trust him, including his own party. To trust Mitt
to do anything he has promised is like trusting a snake.

How does anyone counter the Mitt who said he is for regulation except when he is
against it (as too restrictive). I am for eating chocolate except when I am not.

Some have expressed disappointment with the President.  However, the President
attempted to remain above the bombastic Romney and actually express policy
points.  And as to those who said President Obama didn't fulfill all his
promises, there is a huge difference between trying to achieve positive
objectives and lying to people and saying you will do something that simply can
never happen.

As to calling Mitt the "winner" is like calling Bernie Madoff a genius investor.
Sure everyone wanted to invest with Bernie/Mitt, but at the end of the day you
were totally screwed.  Mitt won by the same measure that Madoff did, by

And as to the "pundits" who have said how wonderful Romney did, shame on you. 
Everyone of you knows he lied!  You pundits are now just as guilty as Madoff! 
If you don't call out the cheater you enable the cheat.

Mitt Romney has pulled off one of the biggest scams in history. He should be
tarred and feathered.

So next time you hear someone talk about Mitt "winning," ask yourself, by what
measure am I saying this?  Remember Romney only a week before said how the 47%
didn't matter to him, then said during the debate how the middle class was the
most important to him.  Define sycophant.


  1. So true. How do stupid American's forget it was only 17 days ago with Romney taped in private said " he does not care about 47% of the U.S. population. Now, he uses the world middle class in every other sentence. Are people so stupid not so see through such a fraud?

  2. Mitt Romney Wins Debate by Way of Lies, Lies, and More Lies!

  3. But... but... but he said his lies with such energy!! He's got my vote, NOT!!

    Sadly, they keep their base uneducated so they eat this horseshit up. The educated people have no excuse really.

  4. So this is the big one .... Right mitt?????
    The biggest hostile take over of any business known to man and mitt is going after it....
    It's not an office to be held it's a business and the CEO position to take over...
    And like he has done in the past.???
    Pay himself and his buds billions...( why does that seem obvious)
    Put up the retirement as collateral ( social security medicare)
    Walk away and let it go bankrupt ( Isn't that what every republican has done in office??)
    Why does he Not care about the 47%?????
    He has already dealt with them...
    You the rest of you are next...
    If he has his way....

  5. Hello!!! Yes bully wins!!! ROBney, the flip flopper, wins for sure, no surprise here in the red neck america!!!! whoever scream the loudest most outrageous lies wins! yoohoo Robney, Robney, Robney! way to go.... we want the top1% to spit on us, we want ENRON and Haliburton! they took ALL OF MY PARENTS HARD EARNED MONEY and put them on the STREET!!!! YAY!!! Yes, free country for banks to charge over 20% in interest, for privatized schools to make bigger idiots out of our kids, they are alredy down in twenty some position in the world - let's continue 'no child left behind' disaster.
    yay, go Robney go!!!! let us lick you *** and make sure that our children drink your oil spill!

  6. Corporate media is universally giddy over getting their horserace narrative back, but can a shape-shifting, fact-free, Medicare voucherizing, Big Bird killer really win in November with so few undecideds left? Once the media gets off their "aggressive Romney" sugar high maybe they'll ask somebody.

  7. I totally disagree with this idea Mitt Romney won last nites debate.. He still never said ANYTHING specific... Rhetoric is not Presidential