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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Jesus Packs An Uzi and Teflon Bullets In High Capacity Magazines

The three top arguments which American gun advocates site for owning assault weapons are:
1. People need guns for self-protection in their homes.
[The ultimate in circular arguments. If we had fewer weapons on the street, like most every other industrialized country in the World, this would not be an issue! Australia got rid of guns and showed that it can be done.]
But no, the “bad People” will have guns even if we don’t. So let’s just set up armed camps surrounding our homes with heavily armed guards to stop all “those bad people” (I think some have called that situation as nothing more than living in a prison camp. Sounds pleasant.) While there is some comfort in having a gun to protect yourself against home-intruders, the number of practical issues and problems which you have to overcome in order to be able to adequately defend yourself are so great, it makes little to no sense to truly believe you will be able to defend yourself at all.
First, you need to make certain that you thoroughly train yourself on the use of your firearms and that you constantly keep up and maintain your training. It is not like riding a bike and when in the middle of a crisis even the best trained police say using a weapon is dangerous.
Second, where are you going to keep the gun and the bullets? With you in the shower? How about in the pool? Sunday dinners must be a blast while you carve the roast and check the scope on your surface to air missiles. What a treat to have Santa come down the chimney only to be blasted away by your grandson’s Colt AR-15 Sporter SP1 Carbine.
And if you have children, how are you going to lock the gun and lock away the bullets and still be in a position to use the weapon. Guess all kids should go to military school from kindergarten on so as to be properly trained. Forget swings, just set up Boot camp style training programs with razor wire and live shells in order to instill the values and physical endurance necessary for their patriotic service.
Statistics show time and time again, a person is much more likely to kill or maim a family member or have the weapon used against them than be in a position to use the weapon for self-defense. But slaughtering your family is a small price to pay to feel “safe and secure” on your lounge chair.
Keeping weapons for self-defense is like wearing a trench coat in a nuclear fallout and saying everything will be just fine.
2. Hunters need guns for “hunting” and sport.
[Hunting is no more a sport than killing fish in a barrel.]
So you need to hunt to feed your family? I get that, but do you need more than simply a rifle or shotgun? Last I checked there are few “big game animals (tigers, lions, and bears, oh my)” to hunt in the US.
And as to being a “sport,” what is the sport? The animals aren’t armed. Since the animals don’t carry assault rifles, why would you ever need one?
Is it that you need to prove your virility and importance by killing defenseless animals? Your money would be better spent on therapy and spending time with your wife and young children (or is it a way to avoid them?).
3. American citizens need guns to protect and defend themselves against a tyrannical government which seeks to oppress or kill them.
[The ultimate, grandiose, paranoid, delusional excuse used only by “true” patriots. (Samuel Johnson made this famous pronouncement that patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel on the evening of April 7, 1775).]
The most ludicrous part of this idiotic argument is that suddenly, all your neighbors and friends will turn to you, yes you, to have you decide for them that the US Government is now tyrannical and needs to be overthrown (usually called Treason, but hey you are just being a “Patriot.”). But no, the “people” will rise up with you when you decide tyranny is afoot.
Question? What constitutes tyranny? Having to wait in line at the Post Office to me is tyranny, or at least a pain in the ass. But what about you? Maybe you find having stop signs and speed limits tyranny (I would agree on the speed limits). Little old ladies writing checks at the grocery store drives me crazy too.  Don’t they have debit cards?
So now that we see the grandiose delusional nature of these true patriots, let’s visit the stupidity of “taking arms against the tyrants.” The US Government is the best armed military in the world and in history. So you pull out your AK-47, and – HOLY SHIT – the government shows up with Stealth Fighters, Abraham Tanks, Apache Helicopters, and a few thousand troops. But you are not deterred; except, the Government also controls the supply of food, water, gas, etc.
But you are a survivalist. You are prepared. You have your cave all stocked up and ready to go. Please stay in the cave! By the way, the Government also has bunker buster bombs.
If a revolution is ever necessary, it will not be fought by armed citizens, but by all the populace saying enough is enough and demanding change through democracy.
It is time to stop playing GI Joe and grow up. Assault weapons are only designed to kill. Believing that you are “safe” by having them is simply fool’s gold. You have been duped by arms manufacturers (lead by their puppets the NRA) and the ruling oligarchy who wish You to believe You have any control at all of your life.
Gun violence in America is a moral crime. Where are the Churches and all those good Christians demanding a stop to apartide in the United States?
“Jesus” was described as a total pacifist who died on a cross to save his people. Would “Jesus” ever own or use a gun???
 Indoctrination - a satirical look at the insanity of American Gun culture. 


  1. 20 children’s lives mean nothing to an NRA who insists that background checks won’t do anything. The idea is to “beef up” the background checks and enforce the gun laws on the books. If you own a gun and it is not locked up and a criminal steals it and commits robbery or murder – you’re also at fault. No one needs an assault rifle. If you want an assault rifle, join the Marines or the Army where you can use one in battle.

    Isn't hunting supposed to be about the one shot. Why do hunters need military style machine guns to take out some deer quietly eating grass?

    Hunting is for pussies.

  2. "No one needs an assault rifle. If you want an assault rifle, join the Marines or the Army where you can use one in battle."

    Millions already have. To protect a little document we call the Constitution. The Second Amendment to that document affords me the right to keep and bear arms. Despite it’s recent claims, this administration believes otherwise. If it were up to this administration I would stand a better chance of aquiring fireams if I were a card carrying member of the Muslim Brotherhood or Al Qaeda. In fact this administration would ask “what caliber” and foot the bill.
    I will not stand by and watch them shred the constitution or infringe my freedom. I will not lay down. I have not yet begun to fight. Dan

  3. Attn Dan: You speak of your precious 2nd amendment rights. That right to bare arms, was in 1776 when a MUSKET was the only gun. A time when people actually needed to hunt for food on their farms to survive and eat.

    It was not created for modern weapons that the founding fathers could not have even possibly imagined. So the whole 2nd Amendment argument is idiotic. It is a very dated document in serious need of an update. Hand guns and a shot guns aren't enough for you to protect yourself?

    The need for anything more than that is pure paranoia.

    The satire video is funny but it shows a sad truth about society. Old ideas are passed down to children which keep the sickness alive. Or even worse it creates hostile off spring that go postal because they are so fucked up from what they learn from abusive parents.

    The better half of our society has evolved and we want to live in a place where guns are not in the hands of of every citizen with a crazy theory
    on why they need to stock pile war style weapons.

    We have police, security professionals and armed guards to help keep peace.

  4. DAN---- No where in the Constitution does it say an “individuals right ‘ to bear arms. The 2nd admentment wasn’t written for that purpose.
    It was written to avoid and expensive centralized military as we have today. Even now the world has changed and we found out during WWI and WWII a military made up exclusively of militias wouldn’t work.
    None of the founders, who wrote that admendment would ever believe a person has a right to own an assault weapon or any weapon for that matter. There is no doubt their common sense would make them vote for a ban. The gun manufacturers through the NRA have been conning a lot of the less educated and uninformed for a long time. The best line
    in the article says it best, " People have been duped" by gun manufacturers and the NRA. The dumbing down of America sure did work. The stupidity is so rampant in America. Education is the answer.

  5. The father in the video reminded me so much of my father. My Dad took me hunting from the age of 14 to 17. I hated it. My Dad made me kill non hostile animals. I was sick doing so but needed to act like a man so my Dad would not think less of me. I will never understand what he was trying to teach me in killing god's creations.

    I believe in the teachings of Jesus and I do not think Jesus would say GUNS are the answer. -Christopher

  6. The only reason gun lovers cling to these specific guns is because gun manufacturers made them appealing and effective. Cigarettes, crack, weed, heroin, alcohol, meth and so many other controlled substances are appealing and effective in what they provide as well, but that doesn’t mean our government should not provide oversight and regulation of such activities. As a former smoker, I am glad that indoor smoking is banned in certain public spaces. I enjoy the fresh air now. Certain guns SHOULD be banned so nuts don’t have such easy access to weapons that will help them fullfill their desires to kill masses of people. Innocent people should not have to feel the negative affects of a gun industry that creates products that can, will and are used to put their families in cemeteries upon immediate misuse or specific designed use of their products. They are specifically designed to penetrate what it is aimed at.The chests, hearts, arms heads, legs, brain, skull and all parts of innocent people should be protected from an industry that designs products that will shatter and penetrate body parts on impact. Tools that don’t discriminate against its target. That is left up to the person possessing it. Banning certain ones limit the risk. A risk that could take decades to be realized even after a ban would take affect. The Jesus analogy is great. Most of these gun advocate lunatics use god to justify
    their guns. I believe Jesus is anything more than a folk law to teach the ignorant some good basic dogma. The irony is that Jesus was written as a being with beautiful ideas of love, giving and peace. So many religions
    have fully lost touch with the lessons of Jesus. The god jesus as written
    in the holy bible would not be an advocate for more guns. Why is it even legal for twisted men and Sara Palin to take their big guns and go kill animals? Who speaks for the animals? Why do so many view hunting as if it is a normal healthy thing to do? The fact that hunting is one of the top arguments gun advocates use for owning massive weapon collections. REALLY? Is that need for man to slaughter animals so important that it is worth the risk having such weapons on the street that can end up taking out a whole class room of kids in a matter of seconds. REALLY? My kids rights to be safe in school should come way before the gun rights of some hunter with a tiny PENIS.

    Teaching a kid to kill, like in the video is of no value whatsoever. Parents need to lean more from the innocence of their pure children.
    I know my kid would not be happy to see Babmi get shot so some man with no balls can feel like he has a set after killing Bambi.

  7. We do need all new laws – plus universal background checks and making it a felony to ‘run guns’ – to change this pathetic ‘gun fanatic culture’ that is killing so many of our fellow citizens. Let me get this straight? Courts are trying stop same sex people from getting married. While those same people fight for MORE guns with no limits for Joe the drunk who beats his wife. Jesus would be so proud of the love. Janet

  8. Jesus " Put away your sword; for he who lives by the sword,dies by the sword."

  9. A great irony is that many of the individuals who howl the loudest about their Second Amendment rights will almost in the same breath tell you that they are (1) proud of their American heritage; and (2) proud of their Christian religious affiliation. Many would say that they are born-again Christians.

  10. Regarding Second Amendment rights, I would say that no right of a citizen is absolute. As a nation, we certainly curtail, for example, some of our First Amendment rights to freedom of speech. We have all sorts of laws against libel, slander, “dangerous speech,” (such as the classic shouting “fire” in a crowded theater), verbal harassment, threats and so on. You can say anything you want to, but if you say certain kinds of things that our society agrees are objectionable, there are legal consequences.
    What is so sacred about the Second Amendment in particular that it should also not be subject to some restrictions for the overall good of society? I reject the argument of the NRA that the answer to gun violence is to put more guns in the hands of “good guys.” I think that their idea of placing armed guards at every school is insane. The cure for our gun problem is not more guns. We do not need to turn our schools into fortresses.

  11. The Catholic leaders and fundamentalists only seem to use their bully pulpits for arguments against contraception, abortion, and gay marriage. They are obsessed with the sex lives of American citizens but silent about anything to do with this huge problem.

    Surely, Jesus would weep at the carnage occurring daily on American streets.

  12. Religion is silly. However, these religious leaders have a lot of sway over those who are religious, especially in the red states who cling to their guns and religion.

    What if those religious leaders would come out and thump the bible on jesus's beliefs of non violence?

    Wouldn't that be a real turn around? But the NRA likely pays them all off. Since religion is really about money.

  13. This was a good example on how parents can shape the minds of their children both good and bad. The Sandy Hook killer's MOM had guns. The killer shot the MOM who owned the guns. Perhaps she was a sick woman as well. Sickness can certainly be indoctrinated into young minds.

    Jesus was all about peace. It is ironic how many gun advocates also cling to their bibles. I'm not sure if the bible or guns have killed more people. Ricco NYC

  14. Today is National Demand Action from congress against Gun VIolence.
    The day is expected to be one of the largest gun violence advocacy events in history and is part of the largest field campaign in U.S. history to address gun violence.

    Good for you for writing this post and caring and doing what you can to help illustrate how broken the GUN system is in America.

  15. A huge problem is politicians are afraid they'll be voted out of office and they lack the courage to stand up to gun violence. The only solution is for voters to petition their representatives.

  16. I agree with you Ms. Walsh. The sad part is most Americans are lazy and they do nothing to get involved and be heard. People live in their bubbles and think their one voice won't matter. I watched the video above which has a proactive link to get involved and sign Obama's anti gun violence web page.

    Most people do not care enough and the other half don't want the guns laws to change at all.

    This democracy we live in is set up with such obstacles, it seems impossible to get anything accomplished.


  17. If the congress, senators, mayors, state government and even the president can't seem to do a damn thing, then how will people with petitions do anything? Democracy? We live in a country run by Corporate America. NRA and Gun Manufacturers pay too many people off.

    Where is the church on all this?

    What if the new POPE, while rebranding the Vatican to appear more like a caring place which mirrors the teachings instead of its usual image of a sadistic gay mafia; Why doesn't he make up some more lies and tell all christians that GOD spoke to him and told him that guns, the NRA are work of the devil. Then all the bible holding gun clinging hypocrites may be duped by a better message than the one currently they are duped by, SALES TECHNIQUES of NRA and Gun Manufacturing companies.

    Why can't the POPE and church leaders actual do some good in the world and speak out loud and clear about gun violence.

  18. this is the violation of human rights in the name of self defence.

  19. this is ridiculous and it should be stopped

  20. Use of Jesus photo like that, it's not fair. One photo spoiled your blog reputation.

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