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Friday, October 15, 2010

Carl Paladino - Being Gay Is Brainwashing But Bestiality Involving a Horse and a Woman OK?

Carl Paladino - If he wasn't running for Governor of the 2nd most populace State it might be comical.  However, New York gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino is embroiled in a controversy over a series of emails containing pornographic images reportedly forwarded by the Republican hopeful to friends and colleagues within the last several years.

Note these are items which he took the time and energy to forward.  Not only that, he also added notes and comments to many including "awesome," and "for andy this is better."

What are these "awesome" images?  According to they include:
- Ahead of Obama's swearing-in ceremony, Paladino sent around a video entitled "Obama Inauguration Rehearsal." The video shows an African tribesman dancing, and is apparently popular among white supremacists.

- An email with the subject line "Proof the Irish discovered Africa" containing a video of monkeys that appear to be doing a Riverdance-style jig.
- A video of a naked woman sent from a government email account.
- A bestiality video involving a horse and a woman.
- One image passed along by Paladino featured President Obama and the First Lady made to look like "a pimp and a ho."

This is the same Carl Paladino who just said "We must stop pandering to the pornographers and the perverts, who seek to target our children and destroy their lives."  Of course he just meant all those gay perverts, not good, normal men who like beastiality videos involving women.

And Carl wants you to know he is a good guy, just a regular Joe.  "I'm not politically correct and never have been." He added, "I'm not perfect. But if the worst I ever did was send out some non-politically correct e-mails, my God."

Yes, exactly "my God."  You blast people for being gay but see nothing wrong with racially charged videos and images and images of beastiality.  And you want to be Governor of New York.  Seems perfectly sensible to me - not.

So lets look at what Carl considers awesome.
“Sensacional Zunga….XXXX” Carl Paladino: “awesome”  So “sensacional” (Paladino must have been so excited he forgot how to spell) that it was given not a three, but a whopping four-x rating by the email’s progenitor. Carl? He calls it “awesome“.
Many of the rest are just too disgusting to post.  Here are a couple of e-mail titles given to them:
Russian treasure xx open in private 
2 Chicks Turning up the heat – XXX Carl Paladino: “awesome” 
I found my retirement job! XXX
 Chiquita Bananas XXX … careful  
 The pornographic emails, which contain graphic images, can be found here..

You cannot claim that gay marriage will cheapen or harm the institution of marriage if you, yourself, have carried on an affair and fathered a child out of wedlock.

You cannot claim that you are opposed to pornography when your email inbox and outbox is so jam-packed with it.

You cannot claim the moral high ground whilst crawling through the gutter.


  1. What he found offensive about the gay pride parade was men walking around in Speedos.

  2. What is your point about that Carol? It sounds like you agree with Paladino's finding gay men wearing speedos offensive.

    We know Paladino doesn't have a problem with woman in playboy wearing nothing? We know he has no problem with sending videos of woman being fucked by horses to his buddies. Literally, woman being fucked by a horses dick. The horse cums in the woman.

    Paladino has a lot more problems with gays than just their wearing speedos. He does not want them to have the right to marry. He has said he'd veto any bill and will preserve marriage only for straight people. He hates and discriminates against gay people.

    Gay pride is about being proud of who you are, right down to the speedo. Should they be fully dressed liked priests. They sure behave well when dressed "properly"

    Go to Europe and you will see every straight man wearing speedos on beaches and parading themselves that way or naked.

    Every Miss America Pageant has woman walking in bikinis on stages in heals for the whole world to judge.

    You can go to any beach in America or boardwalks like Venice beach and Coney Island and you can see every straight guy with a good body shirtless and flaunting what they have. Woman too.

    Would you prefer all people are required to wear modest dress, perhaps burkas and vales?

    It sounds like you have your own body issues.


  3. Paladino is the worst kind of hypocrite. He is scum. He will lose. Basically running for governor just served as a public outing for his bigotry and pitiful character. He is now exposed as the hateful hypocrite that he is. Another bigot using god and religion to justify his ignorance and hate.


  4. I agree with what William writes.

    Carol don't you think if Paladino is going to have a problem with men in speedos ( gay men) then shouldn't he also object to every Hooters restaurant in America. (They are the white trash restaurants where waitresses wear tight t-shirts and short shorts.) Shame of the body is something religion taught people.


  5. "The kind of man who contributes to a climate that encourages violence against consenting adults who choose a gay lifestyle"

    Most if not all gays claim they are born that way not that they "choose a gay lifestyle". I'm a straight woman and I'm not involved as i should be as a big supporter of gay rights. but Carl Paladino shows that people who hate gays usually hate Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Arabs, India's or ANYONE WHO DOESN'T LOOK LIKE THEM.


  6. So true. Paladino talks about being gay is not an example to be set for children. He has a daughter out of wedlock because of an adulteress affair. Is that a good example? We are not to judge but we are to discern between good and evil.

    I understand those Rabbis gave him speech to read. He had no prior knowledge what it was about, duting a news interview he stated his thoughts again. I thought, wow, some things are better left unsaid. If he's true to his words, he should not be elected governor. His character is questionnable.

    He's sent emails having pronographic, racist, bestiality content. Thought it was funny. He's said poor, homeless people stinks. He would lock them in unused prisons and make them work for government assistance, and teach them personal hygeine because obviously they had not learned it from home. He seem hard hearted, unempathic. He doesn't have the character of a public servant.

    A person may not be guilty of one sin but may be guilty of another equal in damnation. One may not be weak in one area but weak in another. One who commits adultery is just as sinful as one who commits homosexuality, so too fornicators, gossipers, theives, murders, slotful, etc.

    We should live a life purifying our hearts. Only the pure in heart shall see God, it is written. Him being of charitable, empathic nature is important in understand the needs of others.

    I find religious messages are philosophies applicable to human nature during any period. With God's understanding, we learn not to judge but discern between right and wrong. I know what's right for me and what I should not partake of. Others are on their own journey and must learn their life lessons. God lets his sun shine on both the good and the good and evil. He is often forgiving and most merciful and keeps the door open to repentance til death.

    We are to use our discernment to not be deceived. Judging the spirit for truth, godliness. When God reveals the truth then we act. Paladino has gone on record revealing his views. This man should not be elected as govenor of New York State. Now this is my discernment, I'm not judging.

  7. Same old , same old repubs, tea klan oh I mean tea baggers and conservs. They go get these lowlifes to run for offices all over this country and people vote for these haters. When will the rest of us stop letting these haters run our country. Wake up and smell the haters, people!


  8. Carl Paladino is a homophobe, along with being a liar so he shouldn't become governor of New York because his homophobia makes him unfit to govern as a governor. Andrew Cuomo is a much better candidate for governor because he was in a LGBT pride parade with his daughters so that show his acceptance for LGBT people. Carl Paladino can go be governor in Oklahoma but in New York state, most people take his comments as nonsense.- Edwin

  9. At least he is far behind in the polls. His remarks are particularly offensive in light of the recent, brutal attacks on two gay teens and a gay adult, by gang members in NYC. They incite prejudice and intolerance. I saw on the news that he was "booed" by a lot of people in the NYC Columbus Day Parade. I'm glad.
    Spencer- NY

  10. He does not have to go to a gay pride parade or take his children to see one.To say that gay pride parades affect his children is nonsense.It is up to parents to whether they allow their children to see gay pride parades or not.

    Martin Martinez

  11. Carl Paladino: "Gay “Not a Valid Option” " it is disgusting and a horrible thing.'

  12. Oops guess I’ll have to call my brother and tell him he chose an invalid option. So many innocent children have been exposed to the conventional and boring lifestyle he and his partner lead. Terrible stuff like mowing the lawn, paying the bills, moving college age children to their dorm rooms, helping out at the food bank, driving kids to soccer practice, it’s scandalous I tell you.- Bethany

  13. It never fails to amaze me that many of those speaking out most vociferously for heterosexual monogamy do not practice it. I presume this is a form of self-loathing, but it’s nothing I can understand. Politicians particularly seem prey to presenting what is not as what is — even Bill Clinton was prey to that, squandering two years of his Presidency to an impeachment scam insuring his popularity but wasting whatever political capital he had.

  14. The guys on Jersey Shore the reality show wear speedos. They move in sexual positions showing off their abs and what not. They are heterosexual. I don't hear politicians saying this is bad for children to be watching. And this is a reality show on TV every week. Oh i forgot, straight guys fucking anything that walks is different. I bet Paladino watches that show.

  15. Usually old people are the ones who are uptight to such things as speedos.
    It is those who would not feel comfortable themselves in revealing clothes because they no longer can because they got old or they never had the confidence to pull it off. So they become crabby old people who complain about what they long for themselves. What Paladino found offensive he likely found a secret turn on.

  16. PORN IS GREAT! whatever floats your boat. Who cares. Live let live. At least porn is safe sex if you are alone.

  17. To anonymous at 1048am: Being gay is not to be compared to all of the sins you mentioned. Being gay is like being born with blue or brown eyes. You compare it to adulterers and thieves. Adultery is immoral no matter what ones sexual orientation. Just being gay or straight is unrelated. You mention god in your diatribe. God made all these people, if there is a god so why would the gay people be cast aside as sinners? You have much to learn still. Religious people seem to have a real IQ deficit.

  18. AIDS is an act of GOD. GOD is telling us through nature that being gay is unnatural. Paladino is right. He just speaks what everyone thinks. You fag loving liberals can suck my dick.

  19. AIDS is not an act of god. If there is a god, what kind of God would create a virus that kills innocents as well as supposed transgressors. And being gay is not unnatural. If there is a God who created everything he also created the genes and the matter that determines our make-up. As for Palladino, let's face it, he's homophobic. He claims he's all for gays, but he cites men in Speedos as what he wants to protect his family from.

  20. Lesbians have the very lowest numbers of HIV/AIDS cases in the world. Based on anonymous at 10:40 pm's logic "GOD" Must love lesbians since they don't get AIDS from the type of sex that have. Now besides being a complete idiot you don't have you facts straight. HIV and AIDS is spreading much faster among heterosexual woman between the ages of 18 -30 more than any other group of Americans. So with your logic i guess GOD has turned on them too. It is a virus that can infect anyone you fucking moron.