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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Constitutional Scholar - Christine O'Donnell

I have long been critical of the litany of candidates for the US Senates we have seen this year who seem to lack any real qualifications for what is arguably one of the most important positions in the world.

How important is the US Senate?

The United States Senate is the upper house of the bicameral United States Congress. The composition and powers of the Senate is established in Article One of the U.S. Constitution (which does not use the terms "upper" and "lower"). Each U.S state is represented by two senators, regardless of population.

The United States Senate is often described as the world's greatest deliberative body. Many of the most influential political leaders in U.S. history have served there. A total of fifteen senators later became President. Fourteen incumbent senators were nominated for President. Twenty-two senators later served as Vice President. Twenty-seven incumbent senators were nominated for Vice President. Nearly one hundred senators later governed their respective states.

The United States Senate has also been called the most exclusive club in the world. It is an auspicious body with a renowned history.

I am not critical of anyone who chooses to run for office. What I am critical of, is that people who seem to lack a fundamental knowledge of issues which impact our lives have become serious candidates for such an important position.

And what might be more important to each of us, than basic questions of our Constitution. Enter Constitutional Scholar - Christine O'Donnell.

Mind you, I didn't call Christine O'Donnell a Constitutional Scholar, she did. When asked recently what qualified her for the senate, O'Donnell discussed her "graduate fellowship from the Claremont Institute in constitutional government."

Anderson Cooper, on CNN, recently took Ms. O'Donnell to task for her speaking of her knowledge of Constitutional issues and her apparent lack of any actual knowledge of what the Constitution says.

Check out the video:


  1. Yes, Copper brilliantly illustrates what a dumb ass the witch is. Could you believe when the college students starting laughing AT her, she thought they were laughing WITH her! It took some time for her to realize they had been laughing at her. That was painful to watch. I'm sorry the woman is an idiot.

  2. Being ignorant wouldn't be so bad if she weren't such a LIAR! She's going to make all her decisions "by the Constitution," about which she knows exactly Jack Shit, despite her "deep analysis" and "graduate fellowship in Constitutional Government" from a conservative think tank. She's a friggin' joke.

  3. Yeah and GOD is speaking to this idiot along with Sharon Angle and the other nut jobs. These nuts want to make it a christian nation. They want to bring religion into schools and teach your children the evolution is a myth.

  4. Yes, sure, she is going to loose...(and probably loose big)... BUT.... this woman got on the ballot.... that is absolutely FRIGHTENING.... that there is support, (money and voters) willing to put their check by her name, knowing she is woefully unqualified. Absolutely unfathomable.

  5. I find it more "absolutely unfathomable" that there are candidates equal or less qualified then O'Donnell who have a serious chance of being elected. Angel, in Nevada, think inmates should be taught scientology and government should not be providing health care to anyone... even though she gets her health care through her husband federally funded insurance. Miller, in Alaska, thinks unemployment benefits are unconstitutional... and he's a lawyer? He too is against government "handouts" even though he and his family have received plenty over the years. He also wants to "phase out Social Security" but maintains his parents need the payments they receive. Talk about "unfathomable."

  6. If the Tea-Partiers actually know the principals of the Constitution---why are they supporting the Republican party? The Republicans are the ones that are snubbing their Noses at our Constitution. The Republicans are the ones that want to change our Constitution in a dozen different ways. First of all, they want to knock down the Wall of seperation between Church and State; Perhaps the single greatest Cornerstone of our Constitution. Second, they are the ones that decided to spy on Americans without oversight. Thirdly, they want to stop the practice of automatic Citizenship for those that are Born here. Forth, they want to ignore the Rights of people to have a Lawyer and be given their rights by passing laws that allow them to take anyone away under the Homeland Security Act....I don't have enough room to list everything. Their may be some Tea-Partiers that can cite the Constitution but I do not believe they know what it really means. The same can be said for the Religious Right. They think the Republicans are Christians even though they do not practice the Teachings of Jesus Christ. In fact, the Republicans practice the exact opposite of Christian teachings by Voting against every Bill that goes to help the Poor, the Handicapped, and the elderly. People that really know the Constitution and really know the Teachings of Jesus Christ would be supporting the Republican Party....Period!! It all starts with "We the People".