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Monday, May 9, 2011

Dick Cheney - Waterboarding - Let The Fun Begin

Dick Cheney wants the US to resume waterboarding.  We all know about waterboardings - it is like the slip and slide you had as a kid.  And Dick Cheney thinks that it is such a great and wonderful idea that the US start waterboarding again.

Let's let Dick go first!  It is the neighborly and patriotic thing to do.  We can all watch how much fun Dick has as he gets waterboarded to see if it is really as fun as we remembered.


  1. Not sure I could stand to see Dick Cheney in a swim suit. Gross!

  2. Let's ask him what he knew about Valerie Plame, weapons of mass destruction, Haliburton insider deals, his military deferments, what he did on 9/11, etc. It will take gallons of water to get the truth out of this subject.

  3. The USA can be such Hypocrites. I agree with the above comment.