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Friday, May 27, 2011

Paul Ryan's Latest Lies - What Is Next Public Executions?

From Huffington Post:
Besieged by attacks over House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan's Medicare plan, Republican lawmakers are amplifying their message that it was President Barack Obama's health care law, not theirs, that pushed draconian cuts to the entitlement program.
The only problem: The Wisconsin Republican's plan incorporates the very same cuts to Medicare that were part of the Affordable Care Act (ACA).
The latest Republicans in an increasingly expanding circle of GOP lawmakers to ignore this point were presidential candidate Tim Pawlenty and Ryan, himself. Pawlenty -- during an appearance on "Morning Joe" in which he both defended the Ryan plan and insisted he'd reform Medicare differently -- took umbrage with Obama for doing nothing other than slashing Medicare.
It is like "hear no evil, speak, no evil, and see no evil.  The GOP will say anything,, MOSTLY HOW WE ARE DOOMED BECAUSE OF SOCIAL WELFARE PROGRAMS, that they themselves actually support (AND AS POLL NUMBERS INCREASINGLY SHOW US) and that MOST Americans support.

"Obama-care kills Medicare as we know it," Ryan said on Fox News.

Imagine telling your grandmother she gets this "wonderful vouture for $15,000" (which does not pay for the cost of one nucelar medical scan much less a year in an assisted-livivng facility) so she can get insurance.  Are you willing to watch your family die on the street because they cannot afford medical care?

The April 18 edition of Newsweek trashed Republican Paul Ryan as a "scrooge" who is declaring "war" on poor Americans. The piece by Jonathan Chait ripped the Representative's budget proposal and included this cover headline: "Why GOP Scrooge Paul Ryan Is a Fraud."  (Read more:

Of course the GOP "softens" it by saying it will not affect those over 55.  Are you over 55 (or even close to 55)?  What the fuck will happen to you?  If you have ever dealt with an insurance company before you know, you will be royally fucked.  And you will get the letter just like in John Grisham's Novel "Run Away Jury" .... "asking the insurance company to help you just shows you  are "stupid, stupid, stupid!"

This is the face of the neo-cons who could care less about the average American, Paul Ryan.

He thinks you are lazy and not trying  hard enough.  And food stamps and welfare and medicare and Medicaid ... just go stand in food lines like good peasants use to do.  After quoting Ryan as saying the safety net should not become "a hammock that lulls able-bodied citizens into lives of complacency and dependency," Chait derided, "Ryan is saying that the poor should not only be denied cash income but also food and health care.

Show me one bit of humanity in Paul Ryan.   He is a demigod who is always right and says we should all just work harder.  Maybe he thinks slave camps might be a great idea to get the lazy Americans back to work.

"The bizarre thing about attacks on the savings the Affordable Care Act achieved from Medicare was that every Republican that voted for the Republican budget that ended Medicare also voted for the ACA ones as well because Ryan kept them," emailed Eddie Vale, a spokesman for Protect Your Care, a group recently launched to support the president's health care law.

It is the ultimate in "hear no evil, speak no evil, and see no evil."

Unless you are a millionaire, a bankster or big CEO, buy some Vaseline, it is not going to get any better with Paul Ryan and his band of cohorts.

So let's point out the obvious: Paul Ryan is another fiscal fraud. He has much less interest in practically reducing the debt than posturing as a born-again supply-sider and base-pleaser for the Limbaugh right. He is a veneer of fake earnestness over a vandalistic opposition determined to win back power rather than address the country's urgent fiscal crisis.

Chait, who is a senior editor at the liberal new Republic, offered the Republican Ryan's affection for author Ayn Rand as evidence of a "war" on the parasitic poor (Read more:

Yes unless you are rich and powerful you are just a parasite to Paul Ryan.


  1. If ”The People’s Budget” is a parody of a liberal Democratic plan, then the “Path to Prosperity” is a parody of “Atlas Shrugged”, a poorly written work of fiction that Paul Ryan has read too many times. Matt D

  2. It looks like Rep. Paul Ryan is starting to look like the Jack Kevorkian of the political set. He wants to be the "right to die" anti-health care Republican with the courage to administer the lethal dose himself.

    But Americans are tired of giving up everything, including their long awaited retirement.

  3. The party of phony "death panels" is accusing the other side of demagoguing? That's rich! BTW, note that Ryan never claims that opponents of his Medicare devastation bill are lying. He acknowledges the truth--that his program eviscerates Medicare and replaces it with a coupon to buy insurance that no one will even try to sell to old people. What a crock... j garofalo

  4. Republican plan- Try to make Medicare financially solvent by increasing taxes on the elderly by $6600 a year - some of the poorest and most vulnerable in the country. Marie Antoinette would be proud of you!

  5. Remember? One of the Democrat proposals during the health care debate was to extend Medicare to younger people. Republicans, however, want to turn Medicare into a voucher program. Ryan's courage is going to destroy his party in the elections.

  6. Wise words from Carol Walsh.