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Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Party Of No - Which Ultimately Leads to No Where

23 recent polls show that – by an average of 65% to 30% - the American public wants tax increases as part of the deficit reduction process. That's nice, but it does not matter. The GOP no-taxes agenda has been out of step with the public for 15 years or more, but public opinion, like unemployment, foreclosure and the economic struggles of the average voter, does not matter to the Republican Party.

When the eight Republican presidential candidates were asked “Is there any ratio of cuts to taxes that you would accept? Three to one? Four to one? Ten to one? Would you walk away from a 10 to 1 deal?” They immediately, as a group, all raised their hands.

Let's just eliminate all taxes and shut down government.  Anarchy sounds like a great GOP solution.  Everyone would be free to do whatever they wanted without any government interference and no taxes.  It will help if you have already started your own garden and drilled your own water wells, it may be difficult to get by without them.


  1. There's no question in this Republican's mind that revenue needs to be increased--and we need to go back to pre-1986 tax rates, with taxable income adjusted for inflation.

  2. Imagine - some countries actually work off the premise that in order for the country to succeed - all the citizens must be able to participate in the nation's good fortune.

    germany, sweden, norway, denmark, belgium, netherlands - all are in the throws of moderate economic growth, performing well at all educational levels, getting decent retirement and vacations benefits, living longer and healthier lives than most other humans, and willingly paying much higher taxes to accomplish this end.

    appears to be a better model than any currently floating in the clouds on the hill these days - because -

  3. Democrats need to come to their senses and sign the no-new-taxes pledge. Nobody can afford higher taxes, especially in a recession. Serfs in the middle ages paid a third of their income to fuedal lords. Any more than that paid to the government is highway robbery. If Democrats would just embrace a no-new taxes stand, they'd take the wind out of the GOP's sail and cruise to re-election all across the government for the foreseeable future. Bob

  4. BOB! Obama only want to take away tax cuts for the super rich. He has in no way said raise taxes for all. Taxes should be a sliding scale. Or at least
    even across the board. Middle to low income people paying a higher tax percentage is what is the norm now! Bob can you really say this makes sense?

  5. since the trickle down theory of economics hasn't worked after 3 decades, isn't time to retire the theory as a failed trial?

    the wealthy citizens have not invested in domestic job producing enterprises. they have chosen to invest in companies that have moved overseas, leaving more and more people here, jobless, while their income has increased dramatically.

    but some among us think that furthering this model is good for the nation as a whole - WHY?

    ANSWER - media based brainwashing is protected by the first amendment and it is working to a tee. look at how many people actually believe that bud light is actually what beer is supposed to taste like.

  6. I Can`t Stand The Lying and/or Stupidity Any Longer
    I`m a registered, moderate Republican. I`m a former business owner – retired. My workforce totalled about 150 people.

    I hired people when they could bring me additional profit. I DID NOT hire people because I had extra profit sitting in my bank account from lower tax rates. If any owner is honest with you, they`ll tell you the same thing.

    If I needed more throughout or higher quality to compete, I invested in new & better equipment – I didn`t do it because the Government was offering some investment tax credit. To do so would mean I was suboptimizing my business. Spending on something that I didn`t need – something that did not bring me economic value.

    Tax rate changes of +/- 5% have, at best, a tiertiary impact on jobs. Republicans pontificating about "tax cuts for job creators" don`t know what they are talking about. Think it through people.

    Now, from my selfish point of view, would I have ever admitted the GOP was misleading the country? No. But from an economic / for-profit business point of view, these guys are full of it.

  7. Bill Clinton raise tax and create 23 million jobs

    G.W.Bush gave tax cut job creation almost zero.

    Jane Goldberg

  8. Time to increase the TAX on the top 25 wage earners in the US and not only repeal the Bush tax brakes, but go back to pre Reagan tax levels!

    Take care of the middle class. Provide safety nets for these folks, reduce health care cost, pay back to social security the money I put in there for my retirement and was raided by Reagan to pay for tax brakes for the very wealthy.

    Tingle down economics does not work. What, you think that some rich guy gets a tax break and first thing the thinks, is let's hire some one... what to feed him grapes and wave a fan over his head. Take care of the middle class and they will provide the demand that will pull us out of this economic slump!

    Bottom line is that I have no problem with the very wealthy enjoying their wealth, but if they need to also take care of the middle class, whom the greedy old white guys continue to exploit the labor of for their own personal gluten.

    They want to skim off the cream from the milk, but they do not want to feed the cow. Metaphorically speaking, they want to feed the cow chicken feed and then send it to the butcher every time one gets sick.

  9. Now I understand. Ever since Bush cut taxes for the ultra-wealthy, jobs have disappeared and the unemployment numbers have steadily risen. So the best way to create jobs is to give more tax cuts to the ultra-wealthy. Spock says "that is not logical, Captain."

  10. Along with changes in the tax rates there should be reform of tax credits and loopholes.