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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Rick Santorum Is A Non-Patriotic Bigot

Is It Ever Patriotic To Boo An Active Duty US Soldier?

In what can only be described as a low point for America, in last night's Republican Presidential debates, the audience booed as an active duty United States soldier, serving overseas on behalf of each of us, asked a question of the potential candidates.

It was like the Romans cheering as Christians were thrown into the Coliseum to be killed by lions.

Were they booing because he was gay? Were they booing because he asked a question about don't ask, don't tell? 

Unfortunately we will never know for sure because a stone faced panel of Republicans who wish to serve each of us as President of the United States stood quietly, some with heads down, unwilling to do the right thing. What was that?

The right thing would have been for one of those politicians to make a statement that it was clear that no one was booing a US soldier; to make it clear that we are all proud of that soldier and his service to us; and, to thank the soldier for his service.

Only then would it have been appropriate to raise the question of don't ask, don't tell. 

Imagine the courage it took for this soldier to go on national television and ask a heart felt question when all his life he had been told he must hide who he was because it was wrong.

While one may debate the issue of don't ask, don't tell, it is utterly in appropriate to allow a US soldier to be booed, during a time of war.

It was a shameful moment for America, those candidates had a chance to stand above it and show true leadership. None did.

As to the Rick Santorum , to whom the question was directed, I can only say that he made a bad situation worse. His response was that there was no room for "sex" concerning US soldiers and that allowing openly gay soldiers was a terrible experiment at a time of war. The same was said of blacks serving alongside whites.  And yes crowds would cheer lynchings.

Bigotry and hatred should not be a quality of a Presidential candidate.

Further to say "sex" should not be an issue for US soldiers is laughable at best. Sex is and has always been an issue for soldiers. To hide behind such a simple answer as "sex" is the issue is a farce.

And what does he mean that "people should keep sex to themselves, homosexual or heterosexual"?  Did he mean that all soldiers should do is just masturbate or just be abstinent?

And the repeal of don't ask, don't tell, does not confer any "special" rights to gay soldiers as Mr. Santorum stated; it was to remove a "special" status given to them by that policy.

Rick Santorum you do not deserve to be President of the United States and you should be embarrassed as to your homophobia and lack of honor.  Even if you disagree with the question asked by the soldier, the honorable thing to have done was to first thank him for his service.. You showed no such honor. 

Unfortunately none of your fellow panelist showed any honor or courage either. No one who is a coward should have the honor of being a US President.

Is there any among those who are running for the Republican ticket who will call out such egregious behavior, or do they all boo US soldiers? To boo a man or women who is willing to give their lives for us overseas is the lowest form of patriotism and shows a deep lack of believe in a fundamental principle of this Country that all men are created equally.


  1. Sex has no place in military? So we should ban soldiers from getting married? And when they are off duty, then we should prohibit them from dating?

    Just because Santorum is afraid of sex doesn't mean the rest of us should be forced to give up on what is a natural and normal human function.

  2. Dont Ask Dont Tell was and is a disaster. When the US needs every person it can to help fight wars, why should we exclude able bodied people. And for the idiot Santorum to say special rights are being given to gays was just a stupid response. How can a repeal of an exclusionary policy ever confer special rights? It can't.

  3. Republinc party equates to bigots who cheer death. It is reinforced debate after debate. Are these the people you want to lead this country. For God's sake, please vote Democratic.

  4. "Keep sexual orientation to yourself." Oh, so does that mean when someone is discovered to be straight he will lose his job? Nancy Hogan

  5. Rick Santorum never served a day in the military. I wonder how many of the Teabaggers booing the active duty serviceman served?

  6. Not one of these so-called candidates had the balls (can I say that?) or the partiotism or the fundamental humanity to chastise the audience members who derided this soldier.
    Ricky's answer shows that he is fixated on sexual activity and ignores the realities of life. If Rick Perry is looking for someone to pray for....
    Well, at least no audience member shouted "Let him die." Foxy

  7. Shame on Santorum and the Republicans for booing an active duty military soldier. As a mother of a soldier it offended me and my son is married with kids. What message are we sending? I pray for all our soldiers.

    Doris from Fort Worth

  8. "I would say any type of sexual activity has absolutely no place in the military."

    What a jerk! Does he truly believe that soldiers are asexual automatons? Sex is part of human nature, and only an idiot would make this kind of comment.

  9. The mindsets of those who cheered, and Santorum's, are one of the major problems in this country and the world. Small minded and hypocritical people who would very likely call themselves Christians or religious, but who practice bigotry and aren't afraid to show it.

    Statements like Santorum's are why 9 of the top 10 search results for "Santorum" on Google refer or relate to the disgusting definition of "Santorum" that is found on the urban dictionary site. He's earned it.

    Small minds equal small potential, and that's the only saving grace. No doubt Santorum will prosper but he'll never be President.

  10. I agree that not one of those candidates said anything shows that they all lack honor. I can't imagine McCain would have allowed that to happen. The soldier is serving America in Iraq. Each of the Republicans should apologize to all soldiers.


  11. This is obscene. I challenge any Republican, any conservatives, to attempt to defend the cheering. Or attempt to defend Rick Santorum's answer, which--as always--was fixated on sex rather than sexual orientation. Everyone understands there are limitations on certain sexual relations in the military. Leave it to Mr. Man-Dog sex to screw the pooch on this one. Pathetic.

  12. For a group of people that profess to be good Christians, allowing the audience to say "let them die" and now boo a soldier, they all lack good Christian morals.


  13. WHY ARE THE GOP SO FOCUSED ON GAY SEX. Why? Usually when people are preoccupied with this kind of thing, it's because they hate something within themselves that they're trying to suppress... I'm taking bets on Santorum and Bachmann's husband...

  14. Yes, will Santorum institute a policy that is equal and that requires ANY soldier who talks about their orientation whether straight or gay to be discharged? I don't remember straight troops losing their jobs to protect Mr. Santorum's freedom to be a cowardly bigot simply because it was discovered their sexual orientation is straight. Booby K

  15. There's a petition asking Rick Santorum to apologize to Stephen Hill.

  16. Republican presidential candidate Gary Johnson condemned the booing of a gay servicemember that occurred at Thursday night's Fox News/Google GOP debate, and he expressed regret for not speaking up at the time.

    Too little too late! Go shovel that shit Johnson.

  17. You really blew it with this moronic statement. You never would have won anyway but this really dug your grave. Santorum you are a huge idiot.

  18. Santorum is a liar. He claims he did not hear the boos. Bullshit. He heard the boos from the audience members. He and the other candidates will not stand up to members of the Tea Party. They want support from these bold, brash, rude and offensive people. The politicians are too afraid of them because they know if they do something to upset the Tea Party members, their political career will instantly be doomed. Next, Santorum and the other politicians will probably say they never heard the audience members shout "let him die" during the previous debate.

  19. Republican presidential candidate Gary Johnson condemned the booing of a gay servicemember that occurred at Thursday night's Fox News/Google GOP debate, and he expressed regret for not speaking up at the time.

    I love this comment with Gary Johnson SHIRTLESS on the cover of ESQUIRE.

  20. Rick Santorum you are a pompous fuck. You will lose! You are always at the far end of the debate spectrum literally. You stand on the end because you are the most irrelevant and lowest in polls. You are very stupid.

  21. Santorum literally nods his head and says" yeah" when the crowd boos. What a lying fuck to now pretend he didn't hear boos. Regardless his comments were absurd.

  22. Those who booed that soldier are unworthy of his protection and those “candidates” proved their unworthiness to hold public office. In not condemning the soldier’s detractors their silence was pernicious, for shame! DC

  23. Santorum is not a threat. He will lose. We must all take Romney and Perry down. Perry being the scariest. Romney is at least not such a tea party freak. He did a decent job in Massachusetts which is a liberal state.

  24. Don't ask don't tell was never an exclusionary policy. It simply was an attempt to separate one's sexual life from public knowledge. Soldiers could have whatever relations they wanted, just not publicly.... especially not in uniform. Don't ask means don't ask a soldier about their sexual orientation, and don't tell means that if your asked, don't answer.