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Friday, September 16, 2011

Senior GOP Voters Believe Assisted Suicide May be Good.

Texas Governor Rick Perry's characterization of Social Security as a "Ponzi scheme" doesn't appear to be a problem for most Republicans, according to a new Gallup poll.

The survey, released on Friday, finds that the harsh words repeatedly used by Perry to define his stance on the program are largely non-issue for members of his party.

"As many Republicans say they are more likely to vote for Perry for president because of his views on Social Security as say they are less likely," Gallup's report explains.

In a GOP presidential debate held last week, which was Perry's first of the election season since announcing his candidacy, the Texas governor stood by a charge he makes in his book describing Social Security as a "Ponzi scheme." In taking aim at the 80-year-old program he argued, "You cannot keep the status quo in place."

So The Tea Party GOP believes in letting people die in the streets (sorry you couldn't get medical insurance) and eliminating Social Security.

 Most Seniors depend on Social Security and Medicare or they would be on the street.

How can this make sense? Why would a group of people vote in a manner that is against their most fundamental interest?

Many of these same people also claim to be Fundamental Christians. Did I miss the part of the Bible that suggests that poor should just die on the streets?

 Is it that important for a person who identifies themselves as a Republican to vote Republican even when it is completely against their own interest? Seniors - the call is to you.

 Where has the compassionate conservative gone?  To vote for assisted suicide versus dying in the streets?


  1. Sean it is time more people see what you say. How can Seniors of any party vote for Perry who stated Social Security and Medicare are unconsitutional. Americans overwhelmingly support SS and Medicare. Why are so many self-identified Republicans being lead like sheep to a slaughter?


  2. The christian movement becoming so integrated into the politics of most of these GOP& Tea Party candidates is so horrifying!

  3. What is happening in our country with these far right, bible believing, ignorant voters is beyond scary. The cataclysmic changes that will occur if a GOP wins 2012 will change our country and world in horrible ways people can't even begin to imagine. This is not something to sit around and do nothing about! Joseph M

  4. To make it easy there willl be a 411 or 911 number where you can call for the removal of an unsightly dead person. Don't want our children to be frightened by the prospect of no one there to help them and their dying on a street.

    Yet the same people who will aloow people to die in the streets want to blame that damn Obmancare. Oh what we teach our children.


  5. Rick Perry Proud Of 234 Executions in Texas! He holds that bible like he believes it. Would Jesus OK these death sentences?

  6. Why can't the needy Americans see that Obama wants to help them? How can they not see that GOP works against their needs? The irony is sickening.


  7. Rick Perry is a racist bigot. Another insane "holy" Christian. He condemned
    Romney for being a mormon. He called the mormons a cult. All religions are cults. He hunted at a leased ranch with a rock that said rock.
    He kills innocent animals for fun. Ricky Perry sounds about as sick and twisted as they come.