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Friday, March 2, 2012

Hey Fat Old Lady – You Will Die A Miserable Horrible Death

In the poster-child for Teacher Of the Year Award, we have a winner, Principal Dorothy Bond of Haywood High School.
Public school teachers have a difficult enough challenge as it is.  But Principal Dorothy Bond of Haywood High School, has set the sites even higher.  She has decided that the separation of church and state should be tossed aside in favor of her bible beliefs (Yes believing in a false deity, born to a virgin, and not heard again for 150 years – makes her top of the class).
During a recent meeting with students, she allegedly pointed to a bunch of gay students and told them they were going to hell. She also made sure that pregnant students were aware that their lives were over. 
WOW!!!!  That was inspirational.  And so Christ like (wasn’t one of Jesus’ principal disciples a former (?) prostitute?).  But hey, each to their own, if you not gay or a pregnant teen.
To be fair, if there is a God and he's anything like the one this crazy lady believes in, it's not just the gays who are going to hell. We're all fucked.

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