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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Rasmussen Poll: Majority Want U.S. Troops Out Of Afghanistan Within A Year

Just Sunday I asked why we are in Afghanistan.  Seems I am not alone.

The polling firm Rasmussen, whose surveys are often accused of having a decidedly conservative tilt, finds that for the first time, a majority of likely voters want the U.S. government to set a timetable to withdraw American troops from Afghanistan within one year. Within that group, 31 percent want troops to come home immediately. In September 2010, just 43 percent of likely voters wanted a one-year timeline.

It seems that many Americans, maybe most, do not want us in Afghanistan any more and are tired of us fighting wars we do not understand.  And I woould bet, all of the "collateral damage." 

Seventy-three percent of Democrats favor a one-year timeline, compared to 37 percent of Republicans. But there has been an erosion of support in both parties, with 24 percent of Republicans six months ago favoring bringing the troops home within a year.

Rasmussen also finds in the survey, which was conducted March 4-5, that 41 percent of Americans are unsure whether the U.S. mission in Afghanistan will be judged a success. Just 27 percent are sure it will be.

A USA Today/Gallup poll from February also found that 72 percent of Americans would support Congress taking up the issue of a quicker withdrawal from Afghanistan.

We often talk about "mandates" from the voters.  This looks like a mandate from the American public.  Let's see if anyone is listening.

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