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Sunday, March 6, 2011

What Happened to the American Dream - Does Anyone Have a Job?

According to Bureau of Labor Statistics (for short we will refer to it as the BS Department), in the last two months US employment has increased by about 125,000 a month.

Sounds good right?  Most talking heads said it was great news.  Only problem is that in the US we need to add 125,000 jobs a month to keep even with the growth of the labor market. At this rate the 7.7 million jobs lost during the recession will NEVER get job again.

The BS Department reports the unemployment rate as essentially unchanged at 8.9%, but Gallup says it's more like 10.3% The same discrepancy exists with U6 – the combined un- and underemployed, with the BS Department reporting 15.9% and Gallup 19.9%. The average workweek was unchanged at 34.2 hours and average hourly earnings grew 1 cent. Job openings remain 30% below December 2007.

It is a positive sign that more jobs are being added; HOWEVER, this should indicate to us all that there are still millions of people suffering in our Country now. 

Let's hope that things improve soon.  But you must ask yourself, is this the time to cut benefits to the needy?  How would you feel if you were unemployed and hungry and had a family to feed?

According to an article in Los Angeles Times one in five Californians struggled to afford enough food for themselves and their families last year.  That places California at No. 16 in the nation for food hardship, the report said. The highest rate was recorded in Mississippi, where nearly 28% said they did not always have enough money to buy food. The lowest rate, just over 10%, was in North Dakota.

US household income today is below where it was in 1973. What's in your wallet?

Charity and compassion are virtues.  Greed and desire are not.  Support your local charities or work at a food bank.  Charity doesn't have to cost money.

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  1. It does seem a though average Americans are getting less and less. I just don't understand why Republicans are hell bent on tax cuts for the rich. The average American is making less and less, and the rich are getting richer and richer. How can that work?