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Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Republican Mandate?

John Boehner says he is going to educate the voters so they will support cuts in Social Security and Medicare. A majority of Americans support reducing benefits for the wealthy and raising the income subject to taxation – neither of which are on Boehner's Top Ten list. Voters also support raising the Social Security retirement age to 69, gradually, over then next 50 years.

There is simply no support for massive cuts in social services.  And every time you hear them talk about the need for budget cuts remember they voted to give the rich tax cuts.

Pennsylvania has cut 40,000 from its low-income health insurance program – which already had a 505,000 long waiting list. Washington state dropped 17,500 from a program for the working poor. Arizona has proposed eliminating Medicaid coverage for 250,000 people.

If the States all cut back, what will the low-income, working class, do?  To whom will they turn for help?  Or do we just look the other way when we see people starving on the streets?

Senate Democratic Whip Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) declared on Sunday that his party was unwilling to budge one cent further on the number of cuts it included in its budget proposal, even with a government shutdown looming in less than two weeks.

“To go any further is to push more kids out of school, to stifle the innovation which small businesses and large alike need to create more jobs, and it stops the investment in infrastructure which kills good paying jobs right here in the United States,” said Durbin.

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