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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Is Your Home Really Safe? What If Someone Broke In And NO ONE Cared?

Is your home really your castle? Can someone just break in and you have no recourse? Does that make you feel safe?

I say f**k NO.

Nevertheless, we have read story after story about the banksters doing just that. Wrong Home. Bank Forecloses on Home with No Mortgage. Bank Refuses Even to Talk About Short Sale. Bank Sends Borrower into HAMP-Created Hall of Mirrors and Forecloses Anyhow.

Makes you wonder how long until the banksters suggest debtor prisons again.

Well in a story recently out, the bank just broke into someone's home and did as they wanted. Yes just broke in (no wonder gun sales are rising).

Enter Nancy Jacobini. A company hired by JP Morgan to manage properties broke into her home while she was inside even though the property was not in foreclosure. Felling safer?

But I have to say the banksters have BIG kahonas. The bank broke in a second time, after Jacobini had filed suit in Federal court. And what exactly was the terrible, horrible thing Ms. Jacobinin was accused of doing by the banksters? The lame excuses made, that she was not paying her utilities and had abandoned the house - which were simply untrue. (instead of bomb shelters we now need safe rooms).

Finally, Jacobini’s attorney, Matt Weidner, obtained a favorable ruling by the judge indicating that the bank’s actions were wrong. The judge simply did not believe bankster’s position that it had broad rights to enter the house (think of being raided on Thanksgiving as Grand-Ma watches in terror as "hoodlum and thugs" (that is what the Government has called non-violent OWS protesters) take your thanksgiving dinner as well as the kitchen sink. (Should we all keep pepper-spray (you know the GOP says after all it is just a food) handy for such interlopers?

The judge looks to the limitations put on the banks’ right to gain access and dismissed JP Morgan’s motion to dismiss. Unfortunately that does not mean poor JP Morgan has yet been convicted of anything.

Do you still ask why there is an OWS?

If it can happen to Nancy Jacobini, it could (may or will) happen to you too!

If you are having lamb today, remember how easily lambs are lead to slaughter. Right now too many of us are lambs, being fooled by the kleptocracy and banksters.

Happy Thanksgiving to us all (yes to the 1% that also includes the rest of the 99%).

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  1. Yeah and then the would probably arrest you if you shot the Chase looters. We are all fuc*ed unless you are rich.