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Monday, November 28, 2011

Santa Claus Packs A Machine Gun or Uzi - Your Choice!

The Scottsdale Gun Club in Arizona is offering a twist on the annual photo with Santa by allowing rifle-wielding families to pose alongside St. Nick.

On their website, the shooting range advertises the event with a catchy tagline: "Get Your Holiday Picture With Santa And His Machine Guns!"

It never fails, one of these kid's parents will be on the news explaining how they locked the guns and ammo up after the kid blew his head off.

Nothing says the "King of Peace" more than Santa with an Uzi!

I am not religious, but the irony/hypocrisy of Santa with a gun is almost too much to stand.

What a wonderful message to send to your children on a day that is suppose to be about the birth of a savior - tote a gun and dance like Jagger.

If I believed in hell, the Scottsdale Gun Club in Arizona would have reserved their boat ride across the Acheron with Charon so that they could enter the Underworld.

Party on dudes!


  1. GOD, GUNS AND GAYS. Those are the issues the GOP use as wedge issues. They all contradict each other in logic of their christian selves! Alex

  2. Amen to that guns and kids not a holiday covktail