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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thousands of Students Riot Over Firing of Child Rapist’s Protector

Thousands of Students Riot Over Firing of Child Rapist’s Protector - sounds horrible.
Most of us would strongly agree that child abuse, especially sexual abuse ruins many lives, the victim, the parents of the victim and, when discovered, the family of the monsters who abused an innocent child.

Because this type of abuse is so devastating for all involved, we as a society must do all that we can to prevent it.

So that is why we call on those that learn of the abuse to come forward immediately and DEMAND strong action be taken.  What if it were your child?  Could you just sit by and watch people who knew or should have known and not say "you did not do enough?"

Then add the name Joe Paterno and all "hell" breaks out.  Let me begin by saying I have no personal animosity to Mr. Paterno and he seems truly remorseful.  Mr.Paterno said:
He was "absolutely devastated" by the case, in which his one-time heir apparent, Jerry Sandusky, has been charged with molesting eight boys over 15 years, including at the Penn State football complex.
It actually saddens me to think of someone who has otherwise lead such a distinguished career to have to leave in such way.

HOWEVER, we as a society have no room for anyone who learns of such abuse to remain silent and not demand answers from law enforcement.

By all accounts Mr.Paterno did report to his seniors, but is that enough?  Ask yourself how you would feel if it were your child or grandchild.

It is time that as a society we once and for all say NO to child sexual abuse.  And that cannot happen until the "protectors", those who fail to report to police, do not step up and demand answers.

It is a travesty and crime what happened to those young boys at Penn State.  Mr. Paterno has said he is devastated by the allegations and I believe him.

HOWEVER, this is a call to arms to anyone how has seen or may suspect such abuse to pursue by whatever means available legal review of the allegations.

When we do less, we all become ENABLERS to such crimes.

So to those students protesting, I can only say your anger is misdirected.  Think first of the children.  Mr. Paterno will survive and go on.  What of the victims and their families? Where are your priorities?  Football or horrific sexual abuse of children?

College is a time to grow up.  Grow up.


  1. I love College football. It is my favorite sport and you can catch me any Saturday (sometimes now Thursday and Friday) glewed to my TV.

    But this goes beyond sports. I am so appaled at what was allowed (and yes Joe unfortunately you played a part)to happen it sickens me.

    Love Joe, but he had to go.

  2. I was molested by one of my coaches. I felt powerless. They were my idles. They controlled my future. I did exactly what they told me. I always knew that others must have known but did nothing about it. To this day,when I watch football a game I love I have nightmares about being abused.

    Someone whould have done something for me and those like me. Instead it was just ignore and protect the criminals least they hurt the school.

    Joe. Scared for life in Alabama.

  3. Joe,I was just the fucking same as you. Who could I tell? I was so embarrassed I never wanted anyone to know. And would they believe this stupid kid?

    Nightmares to. Will they ever go away? I cry when I see my son play football wondering if some asshole might do the same to him.

    Joe you have done great but you fucked up big time. Apology or not, you should have done more.

  4. The students of PENN STATE rioting against the firing are now ruing their reputation much worse! Wise up KIDS!

  5. Anyone that knew and didn't make certain Sandusky was convicted is guilty of a crime. Mike McQueary and Joe Paterno knew and allowed Sandusky to continue being near children, PERIOD! They are as guilty as anyone!!!!! McQueary ran from the locker room rather than saving a raped kid. Now, McQueary works for the same group that lead this horrific cover up!!!!

    -Sick to my stomach in Seattle!

  6. Sandusky is married to a woman. So it once again proves pedophilia isn't about him being a gay man. Sadly, it will attach unfounded stigma to gay men once again. There is no connection to pedophilia and sexual orientation.

  7. The students are acting like fucking morons. They are making Penn State look really bad!


  8. The student should be protesting peacefully at the X-president of the university's home! He is the top in charge to blame for this COVER UP!
    SICKENING that anyone would cover up such crimes against children only to protect the reputation of a fucking football team.

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