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Sunday, April 25, 2010

42,000 Gallons of Oil Leaking Every Day - Damned if We do/Damned if We Don't

The Associated Press is reporting that the Coast Guard discovered Saturday that oil is leaking from the damaged well that fed a massive rig that exploded this week off Louisiana's coast, while bad weather halted efforts to clean up the mess that threatens the area's fragile marine ecosystem.

BP PLC, which leased the rig and is taking the lead in the cleanup, and the government have been using the remotely operated vehicles to try to stop the leak by closing valves on the well deep underwater. If that doesn't work, the company could drill what's called an intervention well to control the oil flow. But the intervention drilling could take months.
We in the United States (an now China and elsewhere) have an insatiable thirst for oil. We here in the US are the worse consuming more oil per person than anywhere else in the World. We must develop alternate energy sources not only to meet our future needs, but to stop the horrible effects of disasters such as these.

We are killing our planet. Ironic that the explosion was near to Earth Day. A not-so-gentle reminder of the importance of Earth Day and efforts to save our planet.

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  1. Another mind boggling statistic.
    According to the following link, Americans throw away 1,500 bottles of water every SECOND!

    There are now islands of these bottles floating in the Ocean. The caps become loose and fish mistake them for food and choke on them.

    How and why did bottled water become this ridiculous fad? FINALLY, I got one of those reusable bottles - now I just have to get a water filter.