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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Adopt a Pet - Save Your Life!

Adopt a pet and it will have you asking who saved who!

I was having lunch and then went to a store in Malibu to look at shirts I really don't need to buy. Just a lazy Sunday, enjoying the beautiful beaches in Malibu. As I walked out of the store, I noticed a group of people around a small cage. I hadn't noticed the sign when I came in, but they were having a pet adoption. A local rescue group had set up a tent and had a couple of dogs that they were trying to have adopted.

Who can resist a cute dog? Not me! So, I went up to see the dogs; it was a raggedy collection. Some old, some young, some cute, some a little worse for the wear. But amazingly enough, there was only one left who had not be adopted. He was George. There IS love at first sight!

George is this cool, smart, little Chihuahua mix. He bonds to me immediately. They said George had been in a shelter for the maximum and if he wasn't adopted he would be put down. He looked up at me with those puppy eyes and put his nose in my arm pit.

In that instant I realized I had to adopt George. He was (and is) pure love.

Everywhere I go, everyone I meet, they all want to say hello to George. They ask me what "breed" he is. They tell me how cute he is. They want to play with him. He is very happy now and I am much happier for having him.


  1. Your dog is adorable and so are you. Keep writing!

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