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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Missing Accomplished - Why AP Says Do Not Refer To The Iraq War As Over

We have now occupied Iraq for seven years.  And what have we done? 

After US occupation following the invasion that toppled Saddam Hussein, Iraq has essentially has no infrastructure, little electricity and less sewerage and potable water.  Wow, we have done wonders for life of the everyday man in Iraq.

And what about the goal of giving power to the people?  Six months after a nation-wide election there is still no legitimate government.

Oh, and tens, if not hundreds, of billions of reconstruction funds are missing. Shocked. Awesome.

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  1. We found NO weapons of mass destruction, thousands lost their lives, the Taliban escaped to Pakistan, Iran became stonger, the U.S. deficit soared, George Bush got reelected. I wonder what he'll say about all those decision points in his book.