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Monday, September 13, 2010

“You mustn’t be afraid to dream bigger, darling.”

“You mustn’t be afraid to dream bigger, darling.”
Tom Hardy's Character in Inception  (2010)
Unhappy that their latest Gulfstream Jet will not include the ability to land like a helicopter (why can't Gulfstream just make a "Harrier Jump Jet"), the rich and their lap dogs, Senate Republicans, have put their foots down - No Tax Break To Anyone Unless You Cut Taxes To The Rich. 

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky) announced on Monday that he has the commitments from everyone in his caucus to oppose a package of tax cut extensions that fail to continue the current rates for the wealthy as well.

Is it just me or does that man look scary? 

Have you ever heard of the Reptilian Theory?  Makes you wonder if they are on to something.

Separated at birth?

Dad and son?

Harry Reid responded that "it is unconscionable for Senate Republicans to hold middle-class tax cuts hostage in order to secure more tax giveaways for millionaires and CEOs who ship American jobs overseas." "Today's declaration by Senate Republicans means they are willing to raise taxes on the middle class and small businesses in the middle of a recession."

Over the next ten years, Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest will increase the deficit by trillions, yet republicans have proposed new tax cuts for the top 2% that if approved, would add to the deficit an additional $3.5 trillion. 
Wouldn't you think everyone making less than $250,000 would think tax cuts for the rich were ludicrous? But no! I've heard people on unemployment explain that if the rich were not extended these tax cuts they would not be able to create jobs!

My questions is this:
If they ever intended those tax cuts to help them create jobs, wouldn't they have done it already, since they've had the benefit since 2003? Why didn't they do it when the economy began to go into the cesspool, if that was the rationale for them? There hasn't been any "trickle down" that I can see. More like "trickle up"!!!
Moody’s says rich Americans save Tax Cuts instead of spending,   Which makes sense, once you have 5 homes, jets, yachts and beautiful art, what can you do with all the extra money except save some for the trust funds for your family to create dynastic wealth?  I guess you could buy a Harrier - dream a little bigger darling!!