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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Alvin Greene to Stay on Senate Ballot

 I have previously reported about Alvin Greene - South Carolina Democratic Senate Candidate Alvin Greene - Crazy? Different? or Republican Plant?  In that article I asked:
By now you have heard of enigmatic South Carolina Democratic Senate candidate Alvin Greene. He is just one of many interesting (Sharron Angle, etc.) people running for United States Senator (one of the most exclusive and prestigious organizations in the World) this year.

At a minimum it makes you (regardless of whether you are Republican/Democrat/Independent) ask yourself - Is this the best and the brightest that we have in the US?
Now Politico is reporting that despite a pornography-related indictment on Friday, Alvin Greene, the obscure man who won S.C.'s Democratic Senate primary this year, is still in the running against Republican Jim DeMint. “This is not grounds for him to be removed,” former state Democratic Chairman Dick Harpootlian told Politico. “Being indicted in no way affects his eligibility to run. If he were to be elected, it would be up to the U.S. Senate.” While state party chairman Carol Fowler has asked for Greene to be removed from the ticket, officials have found no law that would force his removal. What’s more, if Greene gets convicted or is proven guilty, not even that could remove him from the ballot. If Green is convicted, though, he could see up to five years in the slammer.

We are a Country where you are innocent until proven guilty and I firmly believe in that principle.  But when a candidate such as Alvin Greene is already on shaky grounds due to a perceived lack of qualifications, I have to ask again - Is this the best and the brightest that we have in the US?

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