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Friday, August 27, 2010

Heartbreaking - Gut Wrenching - You Have To Watch - Pass It On

If you never watch videos, if you never click online, if you just don't know - you really MUST watch this video.

Words cannot really express how heartbreaking this video is.  But it is so important to watch.

And pass it on.

We must all know!!!


  1. That was painful to watch. It makes it worse that we are being lied to. I am passing it on to everyone I know.


  2. I clicked on and looked into the organization. They are doing God's work. I agree, pass it on! So sad.

  3. Wow. Thanks. Passing it on.

  4. It is good human's work, not God's work. But hey whatever it takes to be mankind!


    Did you see what Brad Pitt says about BP? Check it out. Brad Pitt has done more in his life to help people in the real world than did the fictitious Jesus, from myths & fairy tales.

    Way to go Brad!