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Friday, August 20, 2010

Iraq Posses A Clear And Present Danger To Us - The Deficit Poses A Clear And Present Danger To Us - You Need to Sacrifice

The same bunch of misfits politicians who brought you the Iraq Invasion (cough - cough - Republicans and certain Blue Dog Democrats) and drove the defense budget up to astronomical amounts (which at the time, these same politicians said was only 2% of GDP) now say that over the next twenty years the cost of a decent retirement for our aging population will cost an ungodly 2% more of GDP and we can't afford it.

So every time you hear about someone saying "we need to cut Social Security" you know what they are talking about.  They are talking about a "horrific" 2% (as compared to Gross Domestic Product) increase.  The same 2% that the warmongers couldn't wait to spend to invade another Country because the invaded liberated country posed such a threat to us.  Oh wait, turns out there was no real threat.  And there is no real threat now.  It is just the same politicians misfits attempting to subject us all to absolute poverty so that Big Business can turn us into serfs.

So what does the "average-Joe" think?

Voters want Congress to “do something” about the deficit, but 57% do not want national defense cut, over 65% do not want Medicare eligibility age raised, 64% do not want the retirement age raised, 74% want Medicare to provide more help to poor seniors.

They think (64%) capping Medicare/Medicaid payments to providers is okay and 58% think the rich should pay Social Security taxes on more of their income.

And while you're at it, do something about the deficit.

Unfortunately we are as confused as the politicians.  Only difference is that we are worried about our families and children and the future.   The politicians misfits are more worried about being re-elected and padding their pockets and those of their buddies, Big Business.


  1. Damn wars! What a sad bunch of stupid humans. wasting life on egos and ideologies.

  2. I agree. So many of these so called "proud Americans" are overly concerned with whether a Mosque might be built on property already owned by Muslims and already the location of a community center. These same Americans send their children and allow all of their money to be used to fight wars in foreign countries. If instead we would devote that time and money to educating our youth (and many of our adults) so that we don't become a 3rd World, illiterate Nation, we would all be better off. Unfortunately it becomes easy to understand the genesis of the phrase "ignorant dumb ass American."


  3. And then there's Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan.