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Monday, June 7, 2010

After 8 Years And 8 Months, Afghanistan War Surpasses Vietnam!


Many in Washington suggest that "we are in it to win it". Not only is this paradigm problematic given past precedent of similar, failed attempts by the Russians and the British to "win" in Afghanistan, but we are hardly "winning" now -- another 104 months (some suggest we should stay indefinitely in Afghanistan) hardly increase our chances of "winning".

That June 7, 2010 marks the 104th month of US military engagement in Afghanistan and, consequently, America's longest war in history (Vietnam lasted 103 months), would be less significant if we were not fumbling on all fronts in Afghanistan, from security to development to governance. The disconcerting indication of this mile-marker is not simply that Afghanistan trumps Vietnam as the "longest war in history," but that there is no guarantee that by the 116th month, in July 2011, the bulk of US presence will leave as promised.

Is it time we radically rethink the American approach to Afghanistan, before America's longest war becomes America's everlasting war?

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