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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Rebound in the labor market?

The only jobs being created are temporary, part-time and low wage. Of the 431,000 new jobs reported for May, only 20,000 are actual jobs. Jobs may be coming back, but they are not real jobs with real benefits and real futures. I n 2005, the government estimated that 31% of U.S. workers were already so-called contingent workers. Experts say that number could increase to 40% or more. And even the 431,000 was far below the predicted 600,000 to 700,000 new jobs. 

20,000 instead of 600,000.  James Stoeckmann, senior practice leader at WorldatWork, a professional association of human resource executives, believes that full-time employees could become the minority of the nation's workforce within 20 to 30 years, leaving employees without traditional benefits such as health coverage, paid vacations and retirement plans, that most workers take for granted today.

"The traditional job is not doomed. But it will increasingly have competition from other models, the most prominent is the independent contractor model," he said.

Unemployment is near 10 percent. Long-term unemployment is at a record high. Teachers are being laid off across the country. State governments are slashing services to the bone. So let's cut the estate taxes on the richest 0.2% of Americans. If you've got less than $3.5 million to leave your heirs, raise your hands and vote against this giveaway – at a cost of $440 billion in revenue that could go to the unemployed, to reinstate some teachers. Or to buy another penthouse, another yacht, another Congressman.

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