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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

You Need to Know The Secret Knock.

When something smells fishy .....!

BP is hiring thousands of unemployed Gulf Coast fisherman, shrimpers, hotel maids and tour guides to clean up the oil spill. These folks have homes in the area – plus there are any number of empty motel rooms available. So why is BP building a temporary camp to house 1,500 clean-up workers? A camp with its own police and policies – like no alcohol, no reporters....

Yes, CNN is reporting BP is building a temporary city (near the Louisiana coast) to house 1,500 oil spill clean up workers. The location features army-style bunk housing, laundry and dining facilities, and even 24-hour police to enforce order, including the site's "no alcohol" rule. BP says the city could remain in operation anywhere from three to six months. We couldn't quite put our fingers on it, but there seems to be something a little creepy about this new BP city. Also, we couldn't help but wonder, how much oil and energy is it going to take to power this massive operation?

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