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Friday, June 18, 2010

Evangelical Environmental Network: Gulf Oil Spill Raises Moral Issues.

I have been wondering what position evangelical Christians (Christians in general) would take on the gulf oil spill.  It seemed to me that their voice had been somewhat silent.  In light of the vast destruction of our coast line, the countless wildlife which has perished and the overall harm we have done to our environment one would expect a strong response that more need be done to protect what "god had given us."  While I might disagree with some of what organized religion has to say, I thought that on this point we could agree, that it is our moral responsibility to protect our environment.

Today, Huffington Post is reporting that:

Leaders of a group that encourages evangelical Christians to care for the environment say the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico raises moral challenges for the country.

The Revs. Jim Ball and Mitchell Hescox, leaders of the Evangelical Environmental Network, are visiting southern Louisiana to pray with people who have lost jobs because of the spill.

Joining them is the Rev. Galen Carey of the National Association of Evangelicals.

Ball says they took a boat ride off the coast Thursday and were saddened by sights of oil-spattered marshes where birds were nesting.

He says the oil spill is a stain on the nation's stewardship of God's creation, and should inspire people of faith to embrace cleaner energy sources. Ball says how the nation responds to the disaster is a matter of values.

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