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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Corporations Gone Wild (Sounds Sexy Right?)

I am a fan of Arianna Huffington.  She calls it like she sees it, and is usually spot on.  Today she takes up a topic I have written about many times, the small-government Republicans now demanding government help.  From Huffington Post:

Isn't it interesting how so many Gulf state Republicans are anti-big government -- until they need its help? It's "big government for me, but not for thee." You know what they say: a Republican is just a Democrat who hasn't been the victim of a catastrophic oil spill yet. The BP disaster is the inevitable result of the Bush-era habit of filling regulatory agencies with industry lobbyists and cronies. So this is a teachable moment. Just as Reagan put forth his grand, unifying theory that government is the problem, not the solution, Obama needs to seize this opportunity to reframe the debate and show how Corporations Gone Wild are the real problem. What we have now isn't free market capitalism, it's corrupt third world cronyism. Tony Hayward would like his life back. Well, Americans would like our democracy back.

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