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Monday, June 21, 2010

Suspicious Packaging - BP At Its Best.

Have you seen the new ad by BP? The one where they have this soft-spoken man who says he is from Louisiana and has volunteered to help with the claims process for BP.  Television Ad

Very clever ad, right? It is the ultimate in Suspicious Packaging, where it is not what you say but how you say it.

I'd like to know which ad agency and global consulting firms have been hired to create this repackaging job to create a new veneer for BP of "caring" for the public. Here is a brilliantly crafted spot meant to appear heart felt and caring.

I'm sure they payed for best ad agency and consulting firms money can buy. Sure a new image can be crafted. But is it real? Nothing is ever as it appears. It is all a controlled creation of image.

They use a black representative clearly to help relate and manipulate a certain mind set. Darryl Willis the BP employee in the ad uses the words " he volunteers" for the claims department. Did you also know he is a Vice-President at BP????  They don't mention that fact do they?

I'm sure he is still being paid. It is manipulative because the spot says he is from Louisiana so he can relate. How much were the ad agency and consulting firms paid to pump out this ad? Image repair. It is a brilliantly crafted spot that appears down to earth and caring. Something the " small people" could relate to.

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