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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

David Vitter - You Get What You Pay For - He Should Know.

What happens when you're a small government, pro-business conservative and your state gets pummeled by one of the worst man made disasters ever – not five years after getting pummeled by one of the worst natural disasters (Hurricane Katrina)? If you're Louisiana Senator David Vitter, you double down on offshore drilling and push for a liability cap for BP.

You know Vitter - he is one of the infamous clients of “DC Madam” Deborah Jeane Palfrey.  At the time Vitter held a press conference, his wife by his side, where he admitted to “a very serious sin,” though he didn't detail the sin.

When her husband, Louisiana Senator David Vitter found himself in the midst of a prostitution scandal, Wendy Vitter, a former prosecutor who once criticized Hillary Clinton for choosing to stay with Bill, stood in support of her husband as he issued public apologies.

But it's Vitter's early support of a liability cap – he introduced legislation that he promoted in last weekend's weekly GOP radio address – that's landing the son of a Chevron petroleum engineer in trouble. Local and national Democrats have been pounding Vitter for seeking to limit the amount of legal damages BP would be responsible for to the last four quarters of profit. “Unlike Republicans, Democrats are not going to protect BP – and given their track record, we are certainly not going to rely on BP's word as the only thing ensuring that taxpayers are not left on the hook to pay for the disaster they caused,” Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said in a statement.

Why would anyone trust this man?  Looks like the girls that Vitter spends his time and money on have taught him well. The man's become a whore.

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