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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Idiot/Liar of the Day - Haley Barbour: Oil? What Oil? Press Should Stop Scaring Tourists!

I am not sure what alternate universe Haley Barbour, the Governor of Mississippi, is in, or worse, in which oil company's pocket, but delusionality must run deep. 

According to this clearly insane individual, the biggest problem facing Mississippi in the wake of a massive oil spill in the Gulf isn't tarred beaches or ecological waste. It's the national press corps, which, he asserted, is inflating the disaster's current impact and, as a result, decimating the state's tourism industry.

In an appearance on Fox News Sunday, the Mississippi Republican veered as close as any elected politician could to insisting that the biggest oil spill in the history of this country had been overblown -- at least when it comes to his state.

Barbour has been one of the most defiant skeptics about the impact of the crisis in the Gulf, comparing the spill, early on, to the sheen commonly found around ski boats. Perhaps it's because Mississippi, so far, has yet to feel the spill's direct affects. The first signs of oil on the state's shores came four days ago. Barbour, meanwhile, said that there have been only two cases of oil washing up on shore.

It is like Nero fiddiling while Rome burned.

Yes! The Coast is clear!

Lets all go swimming in the Gulf. Republicans first!

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  1. It is a shame that he downplays what is such a horrific situation. When the destruction does hit the shores of Mississippi (which it will), then he will look like a bigger fool than he already is.