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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Another Day Another Republican That Can't Keep It In Their Pants - Hypocrite of the Day - Mark Souder

The latest, staunchly conservative, republican to join the wall of shame is Indiana Republican Rep. Mark Souder who announced Tuesday he would resign from Congress, effective Friday, because he had an affair with a staffer.

Souder has been married to his wife, Diane, since 1974, according to the biography on his office website. They have three adult children and two grandchildren.

And what did he blame for his decision to not run again:

"I sinned against God, my wife and my family by having a mutual relationship with a part-time member of my staff," Souder said. "In the poisonous environment of Washington, D.C., any personal failing is seized upon and twisted for political gain. I am resigning rather than put my family through a painful drawn out process."

Does that sound like someone who is sorry they cheated or sorry they got caught?

If there is a "poisonous environment of Washington, D.C" it has been created by you and your fellow hypocrites that think rules only apply to others, preferably the poor and disenfranchised.

And the piece de resistance, from
Last November, Souder's office posted a video of Jackon "interviewing" the Congressman about an abstinence-only education hearing. The caption of the video noted that Souder was "one of the only voices speaking in defense of abstinence education."
Abstinence Education!  I am so glad that we have Mark Souder showing us just exactly how abstinence education works.  It doesn't!  Ask Sarah Palin how well it worked for her daughter.
I feel sorry for his wife, children and grand-children, not because he is a cheat, but because they have to put up with him moving home after being a long-term politician who seemingly has done little other than being a hypocrite and an adulterer.

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