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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Republican Alabama Agricultural Commissioner candidate Dale Peterson

By now you have heard about Republican Alabama Agricultural Commissioner candidate Dale Peterson and his ad. I wrote about it here (

The ad opens with a shot of Peterson's dog tags and Marines badge superimposed on the Constitution. Peterson then declares that the "thugs and criminals" who currently run the Alabama Agricultural Commissioner "don't give a rip" about the people of Alabama as the soundtrack to Braveheart or something swells in the background. Peterson accuses his opponents of "stealing yard signs in the dark of night" from his supporters, and then says, "We're Republicans, we should be better than this." He hoists a rifle into frame, and leads his horse away, presumably to shoot the people stealing his yard signs in the buttocks.

Well there is a funny (well kind of) new parody out. Personally, I don't think it comes close to the scary humor of the real ad. When real life is that far fetched, it is hard to parody it.  Art immitating life here just isn't as funny as the real thing.  Check it out:

Here is the original. You decide which is funniest.

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