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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Thai Troops Fire On Protesters In Bangkok.. Tourists Told To Flee

Headlines from

Fighting Spreads In Third Day Of Protests.. 22 Killed.. Army Snipers Accused Of Picking People Off With Head Shots.. Thai Government Paralyzed.. Banner Declaring 'Live Fire Zone' Originally Misspelled In English As 'Life Firing Zone'.. Protest Leader: 'Situation Getting Closer To Civil War Every Minute'

Clashes between soldiers and anti-government protesters in Thailand have killed 17 people and injured 150 as of Saturday morning, with no sign of ending. The soldiers are using guns, grenades, barricades, and sharpshooters to try to contain the protesters, known as Red Shirts, who are using petrol bombs, stones, guns, and homemade rockets. The Red Shirts, mostly from poor, farming, and working-class communities, say the government is illegitimate and are calling for Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva to resign. The turmoil has paralyzed parts of Bangkok and casualties could increase dramatically if soldiers raid the neighborhood where protesters have encamped, which they have so far avoided.

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