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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

She's Back - Hypocrite, Idiot and Liar of the Day - Elisabeth Hasselbeck

I have previously reported about Elisabeth Hasselbeck and her terrible statements about ESPN sportscaster Erin Andrews.  Here ( here (  Ms. Hasselbeck's comments seemed petty and uncalled for and simply hurtful and mean. 

Well it looks like in addition to that she may be an outright liar!!  Perez Hilton is reporting:
After Elisabeth Hasselbeck made some ignorant comments regarding ESPN sportcaster and Dancing With The Stars contestant Erin Andrews and her incidents with stalkers, she went on The View the following day, turned on the tears and made a public 'apology' that we were silly enough to sort of buy!
She also claimed that she called Erin to apologize personally!
Well, according to Erin, she never spoke to Hasselbeck!
Says Andrews:
"I didn't speak with her, no. I never talked to her. I'm moving on. I'm tired of talking about it. It's a new week. It was really nice to have Maks stick up for me and the entire cast and a lot of the media. We got a ton of support."
If that is true, Ms. Hasselbeck owes us all a huge apology.  First for saying such hateful and dangerous things about Erin Andrews, but second, and more importantly, for lying and using an apology as a shameful show-tactic to gain press and publicity for herself.

I hope your daughter, whom you said told you to apologize to Erin, is ashamed and embarrassed for you.  Lucky for you she is so young and doesn't yet know know the meaning of the word hypocrite and/or disingenuous.


  1. Why does this woman even have a platform to speak from? Isn't her clim to fame as some stupid reality show contestant? I guess the VIEW needed the voice of stupidity to create needed conflict in the show that would otherwise be a flatliner.

  2. I cannot believe that this person, a woman, critiqued another woman for not wearing enough clothes AND you found this great picture of her looking like a common calendar girl desperate for attention. I thought we were past the point where women are blamed for causing their own rapes and stalking.