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Friday, May 7, 2010

Did Elisabeth Hasselbeck Lie/Stretch The Truth About Apology

When it comes to Elizabeth Hasselback nothing surprises me.  I was appaled at her attack against Erin Andrews and was happy to see that she apologized for her comments.  But the latest news makes me wonder just how sincere her apology may be.

At they are reporting:

Sources tell me that a genuinely remorseful Elisabeth Hasselback may have been told by 'The View' matriarch Barbara Walters that an apology was needed for her nasty comments towards Erin Andrews. And, like all smart mama bears, Barbara knew that an apology on 'The View' would be a ratings gold mine. In addition, in these tough times, Elisabeth has reached out to a pal in her time of need, and you won't believe who it is: Sarah Palin.

"Elizabeth and Sarah have remained close friends after the election," an insider tells me. "Of course, she has reached out to her friends. She needs all the support she can get right now. It's during the bad times that you get to know who your real friends are."

Elizabeth publicly apologized after her remarks on 'The View,' in which she said Andrew's convicted stalker could have avoided prison and seen almost as much by watching Erin on 'Dancing with the Stars.' However, sources tell me the apology was more Barbara Walters' idea than Elisabeth's.

"Barbara thought it would be a good idea to have Elisabeth apologize on air," said one insider. "No one is more professional than Barbara, and since the comment was made on 'The View,' the apology should also be made on 'The View.' Plus, all this drama is GREAT for ratings."

On Wednesday's 'View,' a crying Hasselbeck said that "reckless words pierce someone's heart like a sword," and apologized for what she said the day prior.

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