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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Why Can't GOP Politicians Keep It In Their Pants?

Is disgraced former Rep. Vito Fossella thinking of running for his old seat?

The Staten Island Republican chose not to seek reelection in 2008 after a simple (but serious) DWI arrest revealed that Fossella had a second family, complete with love child, living in a Virginia suburb.

Writes Politico:

...In recent weeks Fossella has been weighing a run for the seat currently held by Democratic Rep. Mike McMahon, with the kickoff for ballot petitions fast approaching and the political climate unsettled nationwide.
A Staten Island Republican executive committee candidate screening that was set to take place this week was pushed back supposedly because it conflicted with a Tea Party screening, the sources said, but several Richmond County sources believe it was done to buy Fossella time to make a decision.

While he has denied any intention to run again, a GOP operative claims that Fossella and his surrogates have been trying to keep people from supporting his would-be competition Michael Grimm.

If he does decide to run, Fossella better hope that people stop making John Edwards jokes.

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