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Friday, May 14, 2010

Top 25 Destinations in the World??

I love to travel.  Who doesn't?  I could probably put together a list of my top 25 destinations, only after hours of agonizing of which places to include and revising the list over and over (an then probably still want to make changes).

According to TripAdvisor, producer of the "world's most trusted travel advice" (note: that slogan is trademarked), the tiny luxe town on the Mediterranean  - Monte Carlo -- the glamorous tax-free principality famous for its casinos and for attracting a supremely well-heeled crowd -- tops the site's 2010 travelers' choice destinations awards list of the "Top 25 Destinations in the World."

Their list of the top 25 is:

1. Monte-Carlo, Monaco; 2. Heidelberg, Germany; 3. Salzburg, Austria; 4. Florence, Italy; 5. Lucerne, Switzerland; 6. Tokyo Prefecture, Japan; 7. Venice, Italy; 8. Siena, Italy; 9. Rome, Italy; 10. Hamburg, Germany; 11. Sydney, Australia; 12. Amsterdam, The Netherlands; 13. San Francisco, California; 14. Prague, Czech Republic; 15. Queenstown, New Zealand; 16. Berlin, Germany; 17. St. Petersburg, Russia; 18. Munich, Germany; 19. Stockholm, Sweden; 20. Barcelona, Spain; 21. Edinburgh, United Kingdom; 22. Copenhagen, Denmark; 23. Bruges, Belgium; 24. Victoria, British Columbia; and 25. Cape Town, South Africa.

I have been fortunate enough to have visited most of those places and they are all wonderful.  I can't say I agree with their list - how can the list not include Paris?  And what of Nice?  Have you been to Interlocken?  What about Vienna?  Is there a more romantic island than Santorini?

See what I mean?  It is much more fun to just visit these places than to try and come up with a list of which places are the best.  Get out and explore the world!

And forget East Hampton and its pretension, who needs it?  Try the beautiful, unspoiled and undiscovered beaches of Westport, MA.  My mom and dad love having their beach retirement home there.  It is well worth a look!

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