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Friday, May 7, 2010

Hypocrite Update: George Alan Rekers

George Alan Rekers, the anti-gay conservative activist found to be traveling with a male companion from gay escort site, tried desperately Thursday to convince his "luggage assistant" to keep quiet on their relationship. Unfortunately for Reker, the entire conversation was recorded by the Miami New Times--next to escort "Lucien" (a pseudonym) on speakerphone the whole time. When Lucien, who told the New Times he gave the Baptist minister erotic massages on their European vacation, pressed him on his anti-gay activism, Reker said, "I've never picked a fight with them." and that he just stays "in the background" on those issues. As for talking to reports, Reker told Lucien to "just say 'no,' and just say 'I've already [indecipherable] to the press,' and that's it. 'Cuz if you keep answering, it'll keep the story alive." Responded Lucien: "This isn't something I can just be silenced about!" He added: "What was going through your mind when you went on that website?" Rekers offered to explain his actions in person. "Well, I'd be happy to sit down and talk to you more about that," he said before begging Lucien not to tell reporters more details about their trip.

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