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Saturday, May 1, 2010

A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words.

A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words.  We have all heard this quote, but never has it seemed more poignant than just the other day at the Washington National Cathedral.

With wife Michelle sat alongside him in Washington National Cathedral, the US president wiped away a tear as tributes were read out during the service for Dorothy Height, "the godmother of the civil rights movement", who died at the age of 98.

Obama delivered the eulogy for Dr Height, who led the National Council for Negro Women for four decades, marched with the Rev Martin Luther King Jr and was present at key battles for racial equality that took place from the 1930s onwards.

"She never cared about who got the credit," Obama told those present at the funeral during his 13-minute tribute.

"What she cared about was the cause. The cause of justice, the cause of equality, the cause of opportunity, freedom's cause."

What struck me most was the heartfelt emotions that our President was able to express. His public display of compassion is so welcome in a time when our Presidents, Vice-Presidents and members of Congress have seemingly become so detached from the public which they serve. It is as if the idea of a public image must never show any signs of emotion least you be considered weak. No one could imagine Dick Cheney expressing any sort of emotion.

But as this picture shows, it is not weakness which is being displayed but compassion and love.

My hat goes off to you Mr. President Obama for showing us that one can be compassionate and still be strong.

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