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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Three Dead - Buildings Burning - Greek Update

Bloomberg is reporting: Greek demonstrations against government austerity measures turned deadly when three people were killed after protesters set fire to a bank in central Athens.

Fire officials at the scene said they discovered three bodies in the building, according to a fire-department statement sent by text message today. The building, located near the Greek parliament, housed a branch of Marfin Egnatia Bank SA. At least three more buildings were set on fire and 30 fire trucks and 80 firefighters battled the blazes, fire officials said.

Tensions escalated as marchers approached the Parliament building where they clashed with helmeted riot police, throwing sticks and stones and chanting slogans before being repulsed. Police shot tear gas at other protesters who lobbed rocks and set trashcans on fire at the central bank building near the parliament.

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