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Friday, July 9, 2010

55% of Likely Voters Think Obama's a Socialist, and Other Brutal Poll Numbers

Gawker has an interesting article about the view-points of likely voters and they seem very unhappy.  I thnk Obama is doing a greta job, but we ar ein the midist of a terrible recession and have huge numbers of unemployed.  Whomever is in power, nationally and locally, will likley not fair well.

Democrats are going to lose pretty badly in November. Because it's four months away, and the unemployment rate is 10 percent. It's that simple. And as a new poll shows, they're losing the message battle in some horrible ways.

A new poll issued by James Carville's political action firm, Democracy Corps, shows that 31 percent of likely voters think the country's headed on the right track, 61 percent wrong track. (Eight percent think it's in Candyland.) Whichever party you think is the cause for this — if you think one political party is, in fact, the cause for this — it will hurt the party in power regardless.
Obama approval/disapproval: 45/51
Obama shares/doesn't share your values: 46/51
Obama is/isn't on your side: 45/52
Obama is/isn't too liberal: 57/38
Obama is/isn't a big spender: 61/34
Obama is/isn't a socialist: 55/39
Obama has/doesn't have realistic solutions to the country's problems: 43/55
Mean Republican/Democratic Party ratings: 46.0/43.3
Mean Congressional Republican/Democrat ratings: 43/4/40.7
Generic Republican/Democratic Congressional support in November: 48/42
One thing about that socialism number, even though Obama is not a socialist: 29% of people think of socialism positively, and only 52% of people think of "capitalism" positively. It is not 0% versus 100%. We are a nation of many views!

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  1. I can't believe this nation is ready to put the Republicans back in power so soon after the mess they created.