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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

GOP Mantra Is Now Tough Shit For The Unemployed

As reported in the Huffington Post, Kentucky Republican Sen. Jim Bunning made himself a pariah when he singlehandedly blocked a reauthorization of unemployment benefits back in February, saying "tough shit"  to a Democratic senator's request to help the long-term jobless and complaining that having to stiff the unemployed was causing him to miss a basketball game.

Since then, almost the entire Republican party has taken up the retiring senator's argument that deficit reduction is more important than jobless aid, and extended benefits have been in limbo since the beginning of June, affecting 2.1 million people.

Republicans grew bolder after Bunning caused extended benefits to lapse, and Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.) led another filibuster of unemployment benefits in April that caused a second brief lapse. The outcry from advocates of the unemployed, apparently, emboldened the Republicans even more. The current lapse has been ongoing for 43 days.

Bunning and other Republicans are also unanimous in their belief that deficit discipline should not apply to the expiring Bush tax cuts for the wealthy.

So in a nut-shell, the GOP believes this:
Let's get these people off unemployment and into extreme poverty and homelessness where they belong. It's their own fault that they're unemployed. Just because their employers went under when the banks stopped loaning money and their investment portfolio value dropped like a dead pigeon is no excuse. So what if there are five unemployed people for every job opening.

These people need to learn their place.  They are all lazy anyway!
Besides, I've got mine. Who cares about them?
Sharron Angle has already said they are just lazy and like those "cushy" unemploymnet benefits.  Has the GOP thought about or do they care about all of the unemployed?


  1. Sen. Jim Bunning can go fuck himself. I have a friend who has gone on 56 interviews in the last 4 months. A one time high level entertainment executive has applied from everything from positions similar to her last high level job to retail store clerk jobs usually taken by high school kids with no degree. She is willing and able to perform any and all of these jobs. When there are countless, qualified unemployed people for the one position, simple math says only 1 person gets the job. There are lazy people, of course. But in this economy it is a whole new set of rules. Jim Bunning, GO FUCK YOURSELF!

  2. And why aren't the Republicans supporting another jobs bill?