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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Our Favorite Idiot of the Day Has Been Chosen By God - Sharron Angle

Sharron Angle On Her Campaign: 'God Has Been In This From The Beginning'.  Would God (any god) really choose this wacko?  Perhaps Hades has chosen her.

Over the weekend, Angle participated in an interview with Ralph Reed, the longtime conservative activist, founder of the Christian Coalition, and the man once deemed the "right hand of god" by Time Magazine. And in the course of answering a question about her rise from relative obscurity, the Nevada Republican made a rather bold declaration. Her path to victory, she said, was God's plan.

"How do you explain all this? You're now a national story, are you kind of overwhelmed by it all?" asked Reed.

"I believe that God has been in this from the beginning and because of that when he has a plan and a purpose for your life and you fit into that, what he calls you to he always equipped you for," Angle replied.

Angle has a far more public religious streak than other notable Tea Party candidates. She is devoutly pro-life, arguing against abortion in cases of rape and incest because "God has a plan." And she has argued in the past that: "the tenet of the separation of church and state is an unconstitutional doctrine." (Does she believe this even if, God forbid, Muslim's were the majority?)
Perhaps there is another answer to Sharron.  Symptoms of psychosis:

  • Grandiose delusions -
Individuals believe that they have extraordinary abilities or powers, or that they are somebody very important, e.g. related to royalty, or are friends with famous people. They may believe that they are chosen by God, or that they are very rich, or more powerful or more intelligent than other people.
  • Religious delusions
These delusions have a strong religious theme, e.g. the person may believe that he/she is receiving instructions from God.


  1. Did God chose that hair cut? How earthly she looks sitting on a pile of hey.

  2. she is batshit crazy.

  3. Praise Jesus Christ our savior for Sharon Angle. It is no accident that her name sounds like Angel. She was sent by God. She is a heavenly angel.
    Praise Jesus. Hell is a real place. The devil will take godless sinners like you to hell where you belong.

  4. Did you ever notice that most crazy, homeless people living on the streets
    are always the ones talking out loud to God and the Devil.

  5. it's the "church Lady" from Saturday Night Live."

  6. I would say she dresses like a lesbian but that would be an insult to lesbians.

  7. If she were a lesbian her "god" and bible would tell her it is wrong, so she'd live in denial of whom she really is. If she were a lesbian it might just be the most interesting trait about her.

    I'd have no problem with this woman's choices and delusions except for the fact that what her " god" tells her excludes and condemns many of her fellow human beings.

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