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Saturday, July 24, 2010

John Beohner To Fellow “Family Values” Republicans: Stop Partying With Hot Looking Female Lobbyists

Gun Toting Liberal has a great article talking about the new GOP Frat House.  From the article:

House Congressional Minority Leader Chews Out Fellow G.O.P.’ers On Capitol Hill For Acting Loose And Getting Drunk With Sexy Hotties With A Cause…

Okay, the BIG mistake made here by Congressman Joe Boehner was to assume his fellow “family values” Republicans are all straight and susceptible to hot ladies with an agenda just because they assure the constituents who’ve voted them into office they are “happily married” family men. Easy mistake on Mr. Boehner’s part — G.O.P. voters make the same one during every election.

Apparently, Congressman Boehner was a bit miffed by the actions of a handful of his Representatives and ready to put his foot down after Congressman Lee Terry (R) of Nebraska was caught by a reporter giggling under the heavy influence of alcohol with a sexy female lobbyist (Washington Post) — the icing on the proverbial “cake”. Mr. Boehner was ticked enough to spout off about it. Not that it takes much for the Congressional Minority Leader to spout off, of course.

Oh, and by the way — while we’re at it, isn’t that sort of a sexist “cheap shot” by the “Esteemed Gentleman From Ohio”? Arguably, YEP. Don’t be surprised when the feminists start pounding on this guy and of course, he’ll deserve the shots when they’re fired.

Other bloggers weigh in: Jezebel o-pines on the “sexist” aspect to the story (already?); Suspak‘s Sean Thibodeau compares this Republican practice to the movie “Animal House; Crooks and Liars‘ Nicole Belle says this strikes her as “… typical that Boehner is fearful of these wicked women “prowling” around the halls of Congress, waiting to lead some poor man astray.“…

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  1. Gun toting liberal, did a great article.